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The manufacturing process of the PMM system

The manufacturing process of the PMM system

Borets wins over customers in Egypt with quality pumps

Despite the global economic downturn, Borets has maintained its leading position and service quality by years of smart investment in its personnel, state-of-the-art service centres and manufacturing plants around the world, OGN reports

Borets, a leading global manufacturer of electric submersible pumps (ESP) and horizontal pumping systems (HPS), is the company of choice for many customers in Egypt and the wider Middle East.

In Egypt, numerous satisfied customers have been using Borets’ permanent magnet motors (PMM) since 2015. The company leads worldwide in PMMs used with ESP systems for artificial lift. PMMs are considered a good solution and have helped increase customer run lives substantially while reducing rig replacement cost, says a top company official.

In an interview with OGN, Ramy Abdelaziz, Regional Director – Africa Region, Borets International, says PMMs are more efficient than the traditional induction motors (IM) that have long been used by the industry. They generate less heat and operate at lower current than the equivalent IM contributing to longer PMM run life and reduced power consumption."

Additionally, Borets also makes the innovative Wide Range Wear Resistant (WR2) pumps. Abdelaziz says the new WR2 ESP System offers a wider operating range, and is more wear-resistant to abrasive solids than previous generation ESPs.

Abdelaziz ... boosting Borets' customer base in the region

He further explains: "WR2 stages are manufactured using a special metal injection molding technique enabling stage designs, surface finish, and hydraulic performance unattainable with conventional cast stages.

"Resistance to challenging production conditions such as frequent down thrust is further enhanced in the WR2 system using the packet-style pump construction, which is another Borets innovation. The wider operating range of this new ESP system is enabled through the use of a high-speed PMM."

The acceptance of Borets products is evident as the company is contracted by almost all customers in Egypt, where it has reached No 1 position in terms of market share, and other markets in the Middle East as well.

A key advantage for customers is that all pump systems are custom designed specifically for their applications in order to achieve optimal performance. "It’s an important service that is done with every sale," Abdelaziz remarks, adding Borets considers every customer a standalone project and devotes full attention to all.

Furthermore, customers are fully supported by 24 global service centres in addition to highly qualified field service teams that provide a complete scope of technical assistance and support everywhere.

These distinctions have helped Borets boost its customer base in 2019-2020, adding major customers and winning several tenders like Khalda in Egypt and Saudi Aramco in Saudi. Its market share in terms of well count has also definitely increased.

In Egypt, its major ongoing projects include Khalda, Bapetco and Petrobel; while Saudi Aramco, PDO and KOC are successful current projects elsewhere in the Middle East.

Borets did good business in 2019 and has a very positive outlook for the coming years

Abdelaziz says Borets has many value-adding technology and services yet to be fully absorbed by the industry and customers, adding that it remains fully committed to meeting customer needs for the contracts on hand.

"Borets is definitely targeting to strengthen its position in the coming year and increase its footprint in the region. Commitment involves an increased capex plan and extended personnel headcount that facilitates business expansion," he adds.

Borets has maintained its winning streak even in the current challenging times.

"In my humble opinion, it’s the tough times that prove the capabilities of a company. And now with the global pandemic and its economic downside, Borets has maintained its leading position and service quality globally. This is from years of smart investment in over 6,900 qualified personnel, 24 state-of-the-art service centres, and 11 manufacturing plants," concludes Abdelaziz.

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