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BRIMopoly helps to accelerate people capability across the full asset lifecycle

BRIMopoly helps to accelerate people capability across the full asset lifecycle

Game changer: Worley Academy deploys BRIMopoly at Bapco

Using everyday case studies and customized courses, BRIMopoly enriches players’ understanding of their roles and responsibilities, behaviours and how to best implement the BRIM philosophy into Bapco

Worley Academy has received rave reviews for its BRIMopoly learning game it launched with its customer, Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco).

BRIM stands for Bapco Reliability and Integrity Management and in this game, players are looking to enrich their understanding of their roles and responsibilities, behaviours and how to best implement the BRIM philosophy into the Bapco organisation.

Using everyday case studies, players understand the processes related to BRIM, and how these processes are used to drive decision making and cultural change.

Created by Worley Academy, with a vision to accelerate people capability and performance across the full asset lifecycle, the trainers offer unique, experiential and customised courses that are in demand. When the request to deliver BRIM 101 and BRIM 102 training came into the Academy, the instructors put on their creative thinking caps and developed BRIMopoly.

The course is structured around an innovative and highly interactive board game -, which are carefully and dynamically designed to expose game players to all aspects of BRIM.

The necessary knowledge and techniques are introduced as exercises and selected at random by rolling dice to move around the game board.

A briefing card is produced for each scenario. At any intersection, there will be additional resources, such as think cards, to help complete the activity and answer questions.

Taking out the traditional method of PowerPoint training, a classroom course based around a board game such that players are actively engaged from the moment they enter the classroom to the moment they leave, has proven BRIMopoly effective.

According to Howard Thomas, Principal BRIM Instructor: "Using a game as a method of experiential learning is tried, tested and proven. As part of the facilitator plan, participants roll the dice early in each event, typically within the first half hour to 45-minutes of the training session. By going through the process as a game, the participants learn by doing, which is the primary principle of adult learning."

As players move around the board game, there is an opportunity for every player to do one debrief in the course. The facilitator enhances each debrief to add in any elements that may have been missed. This guarantees that while no two courses are delivered the same, all material is adequately covered in each session.

Further explained by Chris Gilbert, BRIM Co-instructor and Game Designer: "The (board game) approach demonstrates the huge energy and capability of Bapco personnel, exposed through the format of participants having to work hard on a specific well-thought out technical task, and then present it back to the whole team so all learn. Every single person seemed to appreciate this format, which appeared new to Bapco."

Over 450 participants over an 8-week period have rolled the dice, and they have lots of positive feedback to offer.

Plant Maintenance: Really interesting course and applicable to be implemented in day to day routine activities.

Technical Services: BRIMopoly is a great tool to experience the new way to look at reliability management.

Reliability Engineering: The BRIMopoly game made the training session more interactive and easy to understand the BRIM process.

Operational Excellence: The course prompted thinking differently and focused on the core principles that can change the way we do things.

Technical Services: Honest assessment of company situation. Realistic, practical, logical approach.

Operational Excellence: The methodology was practical and applied psychologist knowledge that helps participants to retain concepts. The exercises were real cases that put in perspective the importance of BRIM. Well done!! I really enjoyed the training.

Plant Engineering: Thank you for organizing this training. The game technique was so beneficial to understand the different case studies and scenarios. Very creative and entertaining, rather than a typical lecture!

Process Control Engineering: Wow! What a fantastic course, totally immersive and really helped me gain a better insight into BRIM. 10/10!

According to Worley Academy, the board game training can be customised to specific goals and objectives that best suits the business. Worley Academy also offers an array of training differentiators that will set your team a step ahead of the rest.

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