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Collaborative teamwork has allowed S.A. TALKE to reduce incident rates

Collaborative teamwork has allowed S.A. TALKE to reduce incident rates

S.A. TALKE initiates ASP – Act Safety Program

At S.A. TALKE, safety is a core value and a shared responsibility. We take pride in our best-in-class safety standards and continuously strive to improve our processes to create a safer work environment for everyone, says the company

S.A. TALKE kicked off its unique safety initiative: Act Safety Program (ASP) – For a Safer Work Environment in Q4 2018. The goal of the program is to further enhance the company’s safety culture and promote awareness through a series of focused and interactive quarterly safety campaigns which highlights different aspects of workplace safety.

The central focus of ASP is empowerment of all employees at all levels to take actions against unsafe acts and the team came up with a fitting slogan: ‘No S.A. TALKE employee will tolerate an unsafe act’.

A defining feature of this program is the ‘Act Now’ card, which authorizes any employee to stop an unsafe act on the spot, educate the responsible party and report immediately using the card so everyone can learn from the experience.

In addition to this uniqueness, ASP also incorporates a rewards program, which is based on key observations analyzed on quarterly basis. A safety committee selects the top Act Now cards which complies with the company’s safety standards and reward those employees with a cash prize and an appreciation certificate.

Communicating safety objectives is important

Communicating the safety objectives clearly is a very important part of success in every organization. At S.A. TALKE, daily toolbox talks are the preferred platform for delivering information to large audiences. Every month, the company focuses on different areas of improvements, sets a clear agenda for communication and development changes in a consistent and standardized manner across all project sites.

According to the recent statistics, ASP has supported S.A. TALKE to significantly reduce the already low incident rate. With the collaborative teamwork from all employees, clients and stakeholders, the company recorded a rapid decline in both internal and external incident rate in 2019: a reduction of 51.11 per cent and 67.57 per cent respectively.

S.A. TALKE’s innovative approach to safety has created a positive work environment where everyone proudly participates in shaping the direction of the team, supporting each other to become better, creating a unique safety culture and celebrating success on the way.

For more information, visit the following website: www.sa-talke.com.

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