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The PEMA flange fitting station for onshore and offshore wind-towers

The PEMA flange fitting station for onshore and offshore wind-towers

Pema flange fitting station simplifies wind tower production

Pema Flange Fitting station (PEMA FF) is an ideal solution for both onshore and offshore tower production. The solution simplifies production and improves safety.

The continuously growing size of wind turbines requires larger diameters and heavier weights in flanges and tower sections, which makes the handling of these components with overhead crane more challenging and requires special skills and tools from the crane operator.

With Pema FF station, flange fitting is possible without turning the shell, and thus cranes can be released to other tasks. Also, the amount of repairing is minimized as there is no need for lifting clamps.

"It is amazing how many different flange designs there is currently on the market. Pemamek has worked together with both onshore and offshore customers to make Pema FF Station flexible for all different variations," explained Teemu Tolonen, Pemamek’s Application Manager of Wind Energy.

With PEMA FF station, the production time for flange fitting and welding is reduced while the quality of fit-up only increases. The station can be integrated with PEMA Column&Boom, which enables welding to be done in the same place. The integration significantly increases the easiness and efficiency of manufacturing, and it's been proven successful also in offshore wind tower foundation production.

"Our FF Station can handle tubular and conical shells, it has a wide range for different diameters and lengths of the shells and changeable tools to help to adjust the fit-up tool for different L- and T-type flanges," summarized Tolonen.

Pemamek, founded in 1970, is a global welding and production automation leader. The company designs and manufactures welding automation technology and integrated manufacturing solutions to a wide range of heavy metal industries. PEMA solutions are based on the highly advanced robot and automation technologies that significantly increase throughput on heavy fabrication lines.

Pemamek is a family-owned limited company with solid finances (AAA-rated company). Today, Pemamek employs 250 personnel at its headquarters and factory in Finland and has local sales offices in the USA, Brazil, Russia, and Poland.

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