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Chaturvedy ... OGP to drive economic transformation

Chaturvedy ... OGP to drive economic transformation

Ducab playing instrumental role in energy sector

The importance of the OGP sector cannot be underestimated, and investment in it will prop up the development of other sectors as well, ASHISH CHATURVEDY, Head of Marketing at Ducab, tells ABDULAZIZ KHATTAK

With four decades of expertise behind it, Ducab continues to play an integral role in powering the evolution of the energy sector.

From developing customised cables to providing installation supervision, storage, trainings, certifications and more, Ducab continues to contribute to the growth of the energy sector in the UAE and beyond for many years to come.

No matter which way you look at it, the energy sector is one of the most important components of modern society. Hydrocarbon-based energy has played a defining role in the formation of nations across the Middle East, as well as having been central to industrial revolutions around the world, says Ashish Chaturvedy, Head of Marketing at Ducab.

'Moreover, we believe the oil, gas and petrochemical (OGP) sector will be a key driver for economic transformation. Investments in this area will encourage the development of other local sectors such as property, aviation, and education, both directly and indirectly by the gains from OGP operations,' he says.


Over the course of the last 40 years, Ducab has built an impressive portfolio of cable and wire solutions customised to the unique needs of specific sectors – including the OGP industry.

Ducab supplies complete range of cables

In keeping with the transitioning nature of the energy sector, from hydrocarbons to alternative power sources, Ducab has continued its constant commitment to innovation by developing new products that meet the changing needs of the industry.

In particular, PetroBICC has been part of the Ducab portfolio since 2014. Designed exclusively for the oil, gas and petrochemicals sector, PetroBICC cable portfolio offers the use of both lead sheaths and polyamides (depending on client specifications) to withstand the harsh chemical products they may come into contact within daily use.

In 2018, Ducab’s sales rose to Dh4.8 billion ($1.3 billion) with over Dh2.5 billion in exports comprising both cables and metals. By staying at the forefront of global quality standards and pursuing its own R&D agenda, Ducab has grown from only supporting UAE businesses to now serving customers worldwide in various fields—from utilities to oil and gas, and more.

Today, Ducab exports around 60 per cent of its production across business units to more than 30 countries in the wider Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Overall exports sales have more than quadrupled in the last two decades.

Furthermore, Ducab cables are all designed and produced within the UAE, reducing the traditional need for regional OGP companies to rely on international suppliers to source their power cabling. The transition to a more local supply chain in recent years has provided regional OGP companies with more agility in their infrastructure planning.

In November 2018, Ducab secured three major contracts in Abu Dhabi for the supply of over 5,000 km of EHV, HV, MV and LV cables and AAAC overhead conductors for Adnoc-related projects in Abu Dhabi.

The contracts, secured following intense global competition, include the design, manufacturing, and supply of 220 kV EHV cables, 132 kV High Voltage (HV), along with a range of medium voltage (MV), low voltage (LV) power, and control cable systems for the clean fuel and waste-heat recovery projects that are being delivered through SAMSUNG-CBI.

Ducab will also be supplying a complete range of cables for the Bab Integrated Facility Project, as well as cables and aluminium overhead conductors from its newly opened DAC factory for Adnoc’s onshore Qusahwira Field Development Phase II Project.

Regarding the contracts, Chaturvedy says: 'At Ducab, we are committed to be the highest-quality global cable manufacturer, providing smart, safe, and environmentally conscious cable solutions across all business sectors for a continually developing modern world. We are delighted to be the chosen supplier for the power cable requirements for these projects, as we have invested in developing this full range of cable solutions for the oil and gas sector.'

To provide a comprehensive 'Made in UAE' cabling solution, Ducab HV, the first dedicated high voltage and extra high voltage power cable manufacturing facility in the Middle East, now operates at the highest voltage used within the region, 1,000 times the voltage of the power socket in an ordinary home.

This has made Ducab an ideal partner for In-Country Value (ICV) programmes, such as those being run by Adnoc. National ICV programmes within the manufacturing sector prioritise local supplier selection, development of local talent, and the localisation of other critical manufacturing operations.

Ducab’s investments in specialised manufacturing capabilities within the UAE have already fostered a new generation of technically skilled workers, in line with the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 and the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030.

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