Jubail & Yanbu Review 2019

Snapshots of AYTB’s H&C and its services

Snapshots of AYTB’s H&C and its services

Did anyone say food? AYTB’s H&C has the answer

AYTB H&C’s strengths are in offering tailored solutions to its partners and the ability to manage the logistic challenges of serving remote locations in a huge country like Saudi Arabia

What began in 1987 as a small internal support service division within AYTB has grown into one of the leading, competent and reliable facility management, accommodation and catering partner for the industry.

Spread over the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Housing and Catering (H&C) division operates over 22 camps of various categories and standards, hosting people from around the globe. More than 13,000 individuals of different nationalities are being catered.

AYTB H&C’s strengths are in offering tailored solutions to its partners and the ability to manage the logistic challenges of serving remote locations in a huge country like Saudi Arabia, says a company spokesman. But above all, it is its most valuable asset that contributes to the success of the division -- the team working in harmony.

"AYTB’s H&C no longer offers only expertise in housing and catering services. Our clients expect our teams to ensure anything related to quality of life and welfare during their working journey," he says.

The new reality of the market requires providing customised solutions with different scope of work in a safe environment. For AYTB’s remote sites line of business, it developed new activities in 2019 operating Seismic camps. This is a challenging operation with complex logistics and high standards for up to 900 guests per operation with various kitchens and services. "We are very proud to celebrate this new achievement which will expand our reference of services provided at remote sites all over the kingdom," he notes.

After obtaining HACCP certification, the division is working towards becoming ISO 22000 certified in 2019 to improve standards and efficiency and become a recognised benchmark in the market. For this AYTB has structured a new QHSE team and investing in new partnerships for training and development. This target will support the division to provide quality and competitive services in a moving and challenging environment where standards have changed as well as the economic environment requires innovation and capability of adaptation.

Localisation is one of the main goals of AYTB’s H&C division in particular. Many initiatives have been achieved to change its operating concepts where AYTB is investing in training Saudi youth both males and females to work in its various segments, new training programme for Saudi males in Camps and Remote Sites management, also its central laundry service, which is being fully operated by Saudi talented youth in Jubail allowing productivity and efficient localisation.

H&C is also supporting all other divisions of AYTB with facilities and services at remote projects in Waad Al Shamal where the Operation and Maintenance division is working for Maaden at which H&C can accommodate and feed more than 900 guests, in Jubail where the firm has developed high standards camps to house and cater up to 5,000 guests. Also in Safaniya, an Aramco project, H&C is supporting AYTB’s Construction and Fabrication division, providing a solution as per the client’s detailed requirement. In the central region of Riyadh Al kharj, AYTB H&C serves and caters over 1,500 guests in a mega dairy production facility.

AYTB’s internal and external clients also require time-frame services like in turnaround and shutdown support. H&C has just finished serving up to 3,000 meals per day in the western region of the kingdom. For this it has developed a process to guarantee quality and efficiency even as it is always ready for this specific range of support service.

"The welfare of our employees and guests is a priority. H&C is always keen to entertain and be part of our guest celebrations and ceremonies. It just finished the season of Eid and the holy month of Ramadan when AYTB offered all its 13.000 guests a special celebration with a special feast menu.

Later in the year, AYTB will be organising big sport tournaments where all its employees and guests can participate, and trophies will be awarded at the end of the tournament to the winning teams.

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