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Ogata ... a wealth of achievements

Ogata ... a wealth of achievements

Sankyu intends to expand across GCC

The company, which has presence in Jeddah, Jubail, Al Khobar, Rabigh and Yanbu in Saudi Arabia and Sohar in Oman, also plans to establish a training centre

Leading optimal solutions provider, Sankyu Saudi Arabia, plans to expand its maintenance and logistics business across the GCC countries.

Besides, the company, which has presence in Jeddah, Jubail, Al Khobar, Rabigh and Yanbu in Saudi Arabia and Sohar in Oman, plans to establish a training centre in the Eastern Province of the kingdom next year, says Yasuyoshi Ogata, Managing Director, Sankyu Saudi Arabia.

The opening date of the training centre is under review with competent authorities of Saudi Arabia and Japan, where the Sankyu Group was established in 1918.

At the centre, training will be given in English, Mathematics, QHSE, Performing Engineering Operation (Mechanical, Electrical, Operation, Instrumentation++), Crafts (Welding, Pipe-Fitting, Finishing++).

Ogata says Sankyu, which has recently won the Sadara maintenance contract, has among its top clients PetroRabigh, Satorp, Yasref, Sadara and Orpic.

The major provides total support to the customer from the planning stage for a new facility project, through the design, construction, transportation of heavy loads and installation to the final test run. This is known as Sankyu Unique, which is total support to customers by organically blending plant engineering, logistics and operational support.

Furthermore, the Sankyu Group has created a reliable system, by which every aspect of client’s logistical needs is met, including operational support, facility maintenance, procurement, material handling for production and sales of the finished product, he explains.

Sankyu’s plant engineering and installation services meet the needs of the industrial world with a design department that boasts a wealth of achievement, with the best plant fabrication factories in Japan. Its expert technical and engineering groups work closely with each other in implementing various projects in the steel, petrochemical, power, energy and environmental sectors.

The most distinctive feature of these services is that Sankyu has achieved a thorough "system of single-source responsibility" based on its extensive track record and its collective technological strengths, from equipment design to transportation, installation and maintenance.

By having all of the processes completely managed by Sankyu, not only can it ensure high quality, but also make operations more efficient and reduce construction time.

In order to improve productivity Sankyu has introduced 3PM (Third Party Maintenance contract). Sankyu’s 3PM, successfully balances safe operations and greater sufficiency.

"We provide high quality proposal-based maintenance. Sankyu’s 3PM is a centralised management system possible only at Sankyu as a result of our thorough knowledge of all forms of maintenance and having supported Japan’s key industries for 90 years. By centrally controlling everything from routine maintenance to T&I and restructuring work, we are able to make work more efficient and ensure the reliability of equipment. Our local staff have advanced technological capabilities and are able to come up with new ideas (KAIZEN) allowing us to provide customers with high-quality proposal-based maintenance," he asserts.

Among its recent projects are PetroRabigh Polymers Plants Outsource Maintenance since 2008; Satorp General Maintenance Services, since 2012; Yasref Petcoke & Sulphur operation and maintenance since 2013; Orpic Petcoke Operation and Maintenance since 2016; PetroRabigh 2PL Logistics Services since 2017; Sadara General Maintenance Services since 2019 and ATTM Company General Maintenance Services since 2019.

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