Marsol launches innovative system

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Marsol International has introduced an innovative solution for a more effective and efficient hose assembly system that generates considerable savings on changeout time and cost. The new system allows overall faster management time and ensures long-term, cost-effective functionality of the terminal facility and assets, reducing risks while optimising the client’s assets and resources.

"Our new hose launch system is an overall upgrade to ensure reliability and maintenance of the marine hoses," Mike Young, director of Marsol International explained. "It is aimed at reducing degradation problems that arise over time. We are now in a position to grant the customer a complete line of hose management service."

At a recent seminar at the Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort and Spa in Fujairah, Marsol were able to showcase their latest product to major oil and gas companies, EPCs and end-users, as well as hosting a site demonstration. The company unveiled the new hose assembly and launch system and answered questions and provided information about the services they offer.

Oil and gas marine hoses are the main conduits for offshore product transfer. These critical components constitute a major investment, often with long lead times, and are the most vulnerable link in the distribution chain. These hoses are exposed to harsh environmental and operating conditions, operating to high levels of availability, yet must comply with exacting quality, health, safety, and environment (QHSE) standards. Oil leaks, reduced reliability, reduced asset integrity and unplanned shutdowns, constitute major QHSE, reputation and economic impacts for the asset-owner, all other stakeholders and the environment.

The Marsol Hose Management Service is structured specifically to avoid such shutdowns, improve reliability and asset availability while focusing on maximising efficiency and minimising operational costs. "Our proven operational engineering capabilities and experience combined with our proprietary ASIM Programmes is the foundation of our hose management initiative," Young added.

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