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 Joshi ...  consolidating operations

Joshi ... consolidating operations

L&T Valves setting up new manufacturing facility

The company, serving customers in the Middle East for several decades, wants to further enhance its service levels in the region through multiple channels while achieving its vision to be the most trusted valve company in the world

L&T Valves, a leader in flow-control solutions, is in the process of setting up a manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia under the IKTVA programme.

The company, which has an enduring relationship with end-users such as Saudi Aramco, Maaden, PetroRabigh, Sabic, Safco and SEC, plans to leverage the upcoming manufacturing facility in Saudi to better serve its customers in the region, says Mahesh Joshi, Chief Executive and Director, L&T Valves.

L&T Valves, serving customers in the Middle East for several decades, wants to further enhance its service levels in the region through multiple channels while achieving its vision to be the most trusted valve company in the world, catering to all the flow-control needs of its valued customers in the region.

'Last year, we have consolidated our operations for synergies and increased operational efficiency, and scaled up our distribution network. We are progressing on our Saudi facility, and have started assembly and test operations in the US,' says Joshi, a Global Business Executive with three decades of experience in senior management roles.

Smart Valve with diagnostic and communication modules

L&T Valves has added new product lines such as Choke Valves, Control Valves, Sleeved Plug Valves, Piston Valves, Knife Gate Valves and Bronze Valves. It also introduced SMART valves using the latest digital platform to provide real-time performance feedback of the valve to its customers to enable predictive maintenance, says Joshi.

Digitalisation and Aftermarket are some of the key areas of focus for the company. 'We have automated our shops and digitised the processes. Our organisation is focused on providing the finest service levels of the utmost quality to our customers in all the interactions. Our digital capabilities were recently showcased during the Valve World Expo, Dusseldorf 2019,' he points out.

Joshi says, L&T Valves believes in offering cutting-edge innovations to its customers. The company leverages digital technologies and products to enhance safety, reliability and performance in the connected flow-control systems of the future. Its unique digital portfolio includes Smart Valves with integrated diagnostic and communication modules, Digital Traceability solutions as well as Augmented Reality apps that facilitate remote inspection, he explains.

'We appreciate the opportunity to serve all national oil companies, contractors and other businesses in the Middle East for their requirements for flow-control products and services. Our network of offices, distributors and aftermarket infrastructure that spans the region, ensures quick response and high service levels for our large installed base in the region,' he notes.

Referring to the company’s projects in the region Joshi says: 'We have been closely associated with major Saudi Aramco projects over the last two decades including Jazan, Manifa, Khurais, Khursaniyah and Shaybah.'

In addition, L&T Valves has also worked with all major end-users in GCC such as Adnoc, Bapco, KNPC, KOC, PDO and Qatar Petroleum.

The company is currently engaged with Haradh, Hawiyah as well as TP 21 and other long-term agreements executed by various global EPC contractors. Supplies to these projects are synchronised to meet project specifications and schedules.

In projects, L&T Valves’ scope includes design, manufacture and supply of flow-control solutions. It also provides installation and aftermarket support.

'We have successfully managed the challenging project-specific special requirements, project schedules and expectations of our customers. The combined team effort and professional attitude of all the customers in the region make it possible to execute our projects in line with the project demands,' he observes.

A dedicated contracts management team powered by a customised manufacturing app drives project management at L&T Valves. Continuous skill enhancement programmes with industry-leading institutes ensure service quality that meet the expectations of its global customer-base. The company’s unique automated shop floor using the latest digital technology too differentiates it in the market place.

Referring to the market conditions Joshi says: 'We witnessed a significant shift in the market sentiment during the current year, and we expect the outlook to remain positive next year also. The projects in our pipeline assures our team an optimistic year.'

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