Expertise’s TechExpo to be held on April 24 in Jubail

The second edition of TechExpo, organised by Expertise Contracting Company, a leading industrial service provider in Saudi Arabia, will be held at the company’s corporate office in Jubail on April 24 and will be bigger than the previous edition last year.
Expertise is expecting the presence of more than 500 personnel from the petrochemical, oil and gas, steel, drilling, EPC, cement under one roof as it showcases cutting-edge technological advancements made by companies all over the world.
The show will also be an eye-opener on how Expertise is bringing in international technologies for better and enhanced industrialisation of the kingdom.
Saudi majors including Saudi Aramco, Sabic, Tasnee, Sahara, Sasref and PetroRabigh have been invited to attend this expo and Expertise is expecting major end-users of Saudi Arabia from the Eastern, Central and Western Provinces to attend the event.
TechExpo this time will see companies from the segments of engineering, operations and maintenance, process equipment, static equipment manufacture and decontamination taking part.
Last year’s TechExpo was one of the biggest and most successful events held by an industrial service provider contractor based in Jubail Industrial City.
Expertise had invited overseas exhibitors/participants to the event where it showcased its three latest technologies which would help to optimise and lend more efficiency in the field of plant maintenances and turnaround services. On show were the Conco Technology, the Convection Coil Technology and the Laser Technology.
Expertise believes that it is “changing the world with technology”. The most important agenda last year was to promote more efficiency in plant maintenance and turnaround services, which would result in less cost, less time, more efficiency, eco-friendliness and easy to handle issues. 333 guests had attended the show last year.

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