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Jordan ... able leadership

Jordan ... able leadership

Innopec plans to set up facility in region

The company can supply to the Gulf region all types of shell and tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels, columns as per international standards

The Netherlands-based Innopec, a supplier of specialised equipment and provider of procurement and engineering services to the chemical and petrochemical industry, plans to set up a local manufacturing facility in the Gulf region.

Currently having representative offices in Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, Innopec is ably led by Mike Jordan, the founder and managing director of the company who has over 25 years of experience in materials and fabrication solutions. Together with a team of knowledgeable procurement specialist and mechanical engineers Innopec tries to make a difference by supplying highly flexible and agile services to its customers.

Part of a consortium of two Korean high-quality static equipment manufacturers, the company can consult and advise on material selection and design improvements, perfectly applicable to the Gulf region where many corrosion issues occur due to high chlorides containing seawater.

Innopec can supply all types of shell and tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels, columns etc. according to international quality standards, says a company spokesman. An important added value is that, because of its engineering capabilities, Innopec can advise on re-designing heat exchangers and extending their life-time using better design or improved materials.

Part of Innopec’s mission is to always look for improvements of standard solutions. An example of this is the design of a quick opening door for manholes for heat exchangers, which reduces downtime when doing inspections and maintenance, he says.

Innopec is the representative office of Luoyang Longhua Heat Transfer & Energy Conservation Co Ltd for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Longhua is the number one Chinese manufacturer of all types of air-cooled heat exchangers, air cooler condensers and hybrid evaporative condensers to international standards.

The company can offer a complete range of products of air-cooled heat exchangers and energy-efficient hybrid coolers/condensers with independent intellectual properties. The products have filled all the needs in the cooling and heat transfer industry and constantly designed new concepts with high-tech technology fulfilling all the requirements of the industry, he says.

As a leader in the development of industrial cooling/condensing technologies Longhua has turned process industries into factory standard products, which is a technological breakthrough for the entire industry.

Longhua has supplied an impressive list of products to all major petrochemical companies in China and abroad, including Sinopec and CNOOC.

Innopec provides multi-disciplined engineering and project management services, including conceptual engineering, front-end engineering, detailed engineering and design, project management controls and estimating. "We provide several hundred hours of engineering support annually in design, engineering analysis, computer modelling and drafting using sophisticated software," he says.

The company’s engineering disciplines are among the best available, both in size and expertise. It has qualified subject matter experts and chief engineers to ensure that its team stays on the right track.

"Innopec strives to be the best in class when it comes to our procurement services with having innovative sourcing solutions. Our out-of-the-box thinking brings new ways of looking at what companies can do to increase their competitiveness. We supply our customers semi-finished or completely machined parts that only require assembly in the workshop. Besides, we offer speed, competitiveness and flexibility for our customers," he says.

The company is able to provide a complete range of standard and exotic materials such as tubes and pipes, fittings and flanges, U-tube bundles, completely fabricated products, equipment, accessories and other procurement services for industrial projects.

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