WFES 2019 Preview

Falasi and Ramahi at the signing

Falasi and Ramahi at the signing

Department of Energy backs ADSW as principal partner

DoE will sponsor various forums and conferences during the week in line with its commitment to investing in sustainable energy solutions and supporting the future vision of Abu Dhabi in relation to the energy sector

The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE), the entity responsible for supporting Abu Dhabi’s leadership and sustainability in the energy sector, signed a partnership agreement with the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar), the host of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW) 2019, to support key ADSW events, including acting as Principal Partner to the World Future Energy Summit (WFES).

In supporting the 12th edition of ADSW, DoE will sponsor various forums and conferences during the week in line with its commitment to investing in sustainable energy solutions and supporting the future vision of Abu Dhabi in relation to the energy sector.

Specifically, DoE will sponsor the official opening ceremony and WFES forums that cover five core themes including water, energy, mobility, waste management (EcoWaste) and tech-for-good. Under these core themes, some of the most notable events are the Future Summit, the WiSER (‘Women in Sustainability, Environment and Renewable Energy’) Forum, the Climate Innovation Exchange - CLIX Forum, and the Youth 4 Sustainability Hub.

Mohammed Bin Jarsh Al Falasi, Undersecretary of DoE, said: "We are proud to participate in the upcoming edition of ADSW 2019, the leading energy platform hosted by Abu Dhabi. This participation articulates DoE’s significant role in mobilising resources and galvanising efforts of companies operating in renewable energy sector to ensure a more prosperous energy sector."

Al Falasi added: "ADSW serves as an ideal platform for stepping up our efforts to achieve the objectives of the energy sector in Abu Dhabi. We reiterate the importance of strengthening collaboration among various stakeholders in the renewable energy sector, and especially with Masdar, as a means of highlighting our joint efforts to apply global best practices to achieve sustainability and ensure a greener and more sustainable future."

During ADSW, DoE will highlight its future plan for the energy and water sectors, including key pillars of its strategic plan focusing on supply, affordable costs, and environmental sustainability, to help promote the Abu Dhabi’s drive through its Vision 2030 to attain a leading status on the global energy and sustainability map

For his part, Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, chief executive officer of Masdar, said: "The DoE has played an important role in delivering on the aspirations of the UAE’s wise leadership for sustainable development and in particular, its goal of generating 7 per cent of Abu Dhabi’s electricity needs from renewable energy sources by 2020. Collaboration with government agencies has been fundamental to the success of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week. We applaud the DoE for its support of what is today one of the world’s largest sustainability gatherings – a global platform for governments, policy makers, entrepreneurs and technology experts to share knowledge, implement strategies and provide solutions aimed at advancing sustainable development."

DoE will play a key role in hosting several youth-focused events that aim to hone the skills and increase awareness of youth about the opportunities and challenges facing the future of the energy sector.

The events include the Climate Innovation Exchange - CLIX Forum, which will bring together entrepreneurs and innovators under one roof to turn creative new ideas into reality. Another event entitled Future Skills 2030 will offer youth an interactive experience by bringing together leading experts, industry leaders and decision makers to engage with their audience and help them to explore and develop skills needed for future careers.

ADSW’s previous edition in January 2018 was the most successful edition to date, attracting 38,000 participants from 175 countries and more than 300 international speakers. The 2019 edition is set to build on its past success by attracting a unique mix of industry experts, technology leaders and next-generation sustainability leaders to discuss the global opportunities arising from the convergence of business potential and breakthrough innovations across a range of sectors.

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