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Many refineries across the world have benefitted from Sulzer’s innovative recovery

Many refineries across the world have benefitted from Sulzer’s innovative recovery

Sulzer strengthens position in the Middle East

Sulzer’s solutions for processing technology proved extremely popular at Adipec 2018. Some of Sulzer’s solutions for gas/liquid and liquid/liquid separation on show at Adipec 2018 were displayed via augmented reality (AR) applications

Sulzer has reported the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (Adipec) 2018 as a great success. During the event, Sulzer took the opportunity to highlight the tangible benefits of its solutions across the entire hydrocarbon value chain, thus supporting the rapidly evolving and challenging oil and gas sector. In this way, the company could gain momentum as a valuable partner for many companies attending the event.

Adipec is one of the world’s largest events for the oil and gas sector and provides a forum where policymakers and industry experts can meet to discuss the emerging technologies for upstream, midstream and downstream activities in the Middle East and worldwide. This year, the event took place from November 12-15 and its visitor numbers reached a record level, with more than 145,000 attendees.

Sulzer’s augmented reality in action

The show provides an excellent platform for Sulzer, the market leader in solutions and services for pumps, rotating equipment maintenance, as well as separation and mixing technologies, to exhibit its latest innovations and touch base with the market, including existing and potential customers. During the 21st edition, Sulzer has further reinforced the significance of its mixing and separation technologies, as well as its commitment to support Middle Eastern and worldwide businesses in the oil and gas industry.

Some of Sulzer’s solutions for gas/liquid and liquid/liquid separation on show at Adipec 2018 were displayed via augmented reality (AR) applications. These digital tools helped the visitors visualize how the company’s separation technology components fit into real-world refinery and chemical processing plants.

The equipment showcased was designed to the specific industrial application in order to maximize efficiency across the entire plant. In this way, Sulzer’s clean energy standards promote sustainability through green chemistry processes, a theme of particular importance for the wider energy and manufacturing industries, thus driving positive change in these fields.

Sulzer also saw Adipec 2018’s mission to act as a main hub to establish and strengthen fruitful relationships, turn into reality. In particular, the company was able to establish and further strengthen industry collaborations aimed at developing key solutions to address the growing energy demands and support the growth of companies in this field.

Ramann S, director of sales at Sulzer Chemtech Middle East, commented: "Adipec and the Middle East are at the crossroads of the world’s oil and gas market. This is one of the reasons why the show is a must-attend event for our company. This year, we had the chance to catch up with a large number of Middle Eastern businesses."

Sulzer’s Tower Field Services (TFS) group, engaged in field services for installation and static equipment maintenance, compliments the Separation Technology (ST) group, which specializes in providing technological solutions with the supply of components and process plants.

Some of the world’s largest petrochemical companies greatly benefitted from innovative plant solutions at their plants. More precisely, the solution delivered by Sulzer consists of skid-mounted separation components that boost the product recovery and purifying capabilities.

For example, the expertise of Sulzer’s engineers has proven to be crucial for a major chemical complex, situated in Saudi Arabia. There, Sulzer designed and revamped many columns to help the customer operate their plant at its full potential.

Ramann concluded: "Adipec 2018 was an extremely successful event for Sulzer, as we not only met with existing customers, but could also initiate dialogue for new projects for upstream, midstream and downstream industries in the Middle East. We believe these new collaborations represent significant progress in the company’s effort to support the oil and gas businesses in the region and worldwide."

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