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Aramco sends 1mbpd oil to Egypt

CAIRO: Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producer, has supplied 1 million barrels of crude oil to Egyptian refineries, Egypt’s Petroleum Minister Tarek El Molla told Reuters.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia will be studying the economic feasibility of continuing to refine Saudi crude in Egyptian refineries by the start of 2018, El Molla said.

Saudi Arabia agreed in April last year to provide Egypt with 700,000 tonnes of refined oil products a month for five years.



PetroRabigh II to start in Q1 2018

RIYADH: Saudi Arabian Energy Minister Khalid Al Falih said that PetroRabigh II, the expansion of the petrochemical complex of PetroRabigh, would start operations in the first quarter of 2018.

Falih was speaking at a news conference in Riyadh. Phase II of the joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Sumitomo Chemical will be able to produce 5 million tonnes of petrochemicals and 15 million tonnes of petroleum products annually.




Iraq to use drones for security

BAGHDAD: Iraq plans to use drones to monitor and protect its oil export and production pipelines from the first quarter of 2018, an oil ministry spokesman said. Oil Minister Jabar Al Luaibi has asked the ministry to seek out professional security companies that can supply Iraq with drones and sophisticated camera systems to protect its pipelines, spokesman Asim Jihad said. Luaibi last week announced plans to build a network of pipelines which will carry crude oil and refined products across all its territory, as an alternative to expensive and hazardous transport by tanker trucks.




Iraq plans oil pipeline network

BAGHDAD: Iraq plans to build a pipeline network to carry oil products across all its territory as an alternative to expensive and hazardous transport by tanker truck, Oil Minister Jabar Al Luaibi said. The network is part of a 'strategic' plan for oil transportation that includes pipelines to deliver crude and oil products to neighbouring countries, he said. The only crude pipeline now in operation in Iraq links the northern, semi-autonomous Kurdish region to Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.

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