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Fallon ... offering a one-stop shop model

Fallon ... offering a one-stop shop model

Byrne Equipment Rental is expanding its fleet

With 14 operational bases, a fleet of over 10,000 items of plant and a team of over 800 people, Byrne offers high quality equipment rental solutions to a broad variety of industry sectors including oil and gas, construction and infrastructure

Byrne Equipment Rental, the most diverse supplier of rental equipment in the Middle East, is expanding its rental fleet, which today includes blast resistant modular buildings, 100 per cent portable oil-free compressors with desiccant dryers, steam boilers, Alimak industrial hoists and mast climbers and complete state-of-the-art skid-mounted and trailer-mounted modular buildings.

The expansion will see Byrne launching products such as ATEX Temporary Lighting & Power Distribution, Blast Resistant Modules, Cargo Baskets DNV 2.7-1, Containers DNV 2.7-1, Clip on Generators, Inflatable Habitats, Offshore Reefers, Low Level Access Platforms, Rigging Containers DNV 2.7-1, Toolbox DNV 2.7-1, Tubular Handling Equipment and Workshop Containers DNV 2.7-1, says Pat Fallon, group chief operating officer, Byrne Group.

The company is also building a 100-person housing complex to serve the needs of senior expat staff in Ruwais, Abu Dhabi. The location is just 20 km from the Ruwais refinery and less than 50 km from the Baraka nuclear power plant.

With 14 operational bases, a fleet of over 10,000 items of plant and a team of over 800 people, Byrne offers high quality equipment rental solutions to a broad variety of industry sectors including oil and gas, construction and infrastructure, events, industrial and manufacturing and marine and ports.

Byrne ... launching new products

Byrne’s product range is built upon our successful ‘one stop shop’ model approach, satisfying all equipment rental requirements across multiple industries, he says.

"Our rental fleet is constantly updated to carry the latest brands of equipment, enabling operational efficiency through equipment rental and lease solutions," says Fallon.

Customers can expect a consistent level of safety awareness throughout the Middle East and the industry sectors that Byrne operates in.

Byrne’s expansion has been prompted by the exacting nature of equipment required in the oil and gas sector. Below is a detailed list of the products Byrne is launching in 2017/2018.

ATEX Temporary Lighting & Power Distribution: To ensure that its customers work safely and efficiently in the most challenging and dangerous environments, Byrne offers a wide range of ATEX and IECEx certified temporary hazardous area lighting and power distribution equipment. This enables customers to work in environments, conditions and spaces where it would otherwise not be possible.

Blast Resistant Modules: Byrne’s rental fleet of blast resistant modules (BRM’s) are structurally built to resist blast loads of various levels, with two medium response specifications of 5psi and 8psi and a high response specification of 10psi available.

The BRM’s operate in the most hazardous areas of the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry where customers require high specification and standards of build and safety of modular buildings that protect personnel and assets.

Byrne’s BRM’s are built in compliance with industry recognised standards for hazardous area operation and are a customisable modular space that can meet with the varying project specific needs and requirements of customers.

Cargo Baskets DNV 2.7-1: The cargo baskets come in a wide range of sizes for the storage and transportation of various types of oilfield cargo such as downhole tools, casing, drill pipe, scaffolding and valves. The baskets are designed to stack securely to minimise utilisation of deck space.

Containers DNV 2.7-1: This includes a fleet of products for the storage and secure transportation of various types of oilfield cargo such as downhole tools, scaffolding and valves. They are designed to stack securely and save deck area. Other features include anti slip surfaces and impact protection to locking handles.

Clip on Generators: An electric generator that is mounted onto the side of the reefer supplying electrical power during transportation or at final location where no electrical power is supplied. The Thermo-King SG-3000 clip-on genset is proven worldwide, is well known for its high efficiency, requiring less energy which ultimately offers significant cost savings. A clean but powerful diesel engine provides a totally reliable and extremely economical source of energy.

The Engine meets the toughest environmental regulations and offers a reliable source of electric power with low emissions, no matter how high the ambient temperature or how sensitive the cargo product.

The Clip-on can be used for both DNV 2.7-1 and ISO/CSC design/ manufacture of reefer containers.

Inflatable Habitats: Unique and innovative structures that have been developed as a means of providing an instant safe working environment and cost effective protection when working in harsh conditions. The range of habitats provide excellent encapsulation, protect personnel and equipment, especially where exposure to high temperatures and UV sunlight is concerned.

Offshore Reefers: Range of DNV 2.7-1 refrigerated containers are an ideal solution for the storage and transportation of food and other products. Available in a range of sizes 6 ft, 10 ft and 20 ft with an ISO/CSC 40 ft reefer option also available. Powered by the vessel, rig or platforms electrical supply or powered by Byrne’s clip on generator. The reefers are stackable to minimise deck area usage and multi-leg sling and shackle set are fitted as standard.

Low Level Access Platforms: Byrne’s Ecolift and Pecolift models of low level access platforms are ATEX and eco-friendly solutions for low level height working tasks. Particularly useful in the oil and gas sector where low level working at height access is often required in hazardous and potentially gaseous ATEX zoned work areas, no power is required as the platforms are hydraulic oil and battery free.

The access platforms are simple, safe, easy and efficient to use, dramatically reducing working hours and offering excellent OPEX savings in comparison with traditional methods of low level access.

Ideal for spot installation, fitting, rapid maintenance or inspection works in very confined environments, the platforms replaces scaffolding, stepladders and podiums, avoiding the risks involved with assembly build and working at height.

Rigging Container DNV 2.7-1: Rigging containers provide an ideal solution for the control and management of lifting equipment around an offshore platform, rig, vessel, industrial plant or work site for long, medium and short-term periods. Used also for TAR/shutdowns or site construction and new build projects. The containers are fitted out with a small bench and vice, lockable cupboard shelving storage, hanging racks, lighting and power sockets and anti-slip studded rubber mat flooring.

Toolbox DNV 2.7-1: Byrne offers a DNV 2.7-1 toolbox cargo carrying unit for the storage and transportation of tooling, equipment or cargo materials to our customers worksite locations. A smaller footprint than larger containers or baskets and is a very secure CCU solution for transporting of specialist oilfield equipment such as pressure test equipment, electronic measuring equipment, drilling tools, completion kits, specialist hydraulic and pneumatic tooling.

Tubular Handling Equipment: Byrne offers Global Gravity’s Tubelock, a tubular management system for the efficient preparation manifesting, packing and safe transportation handling of drill pipes, tubulars and casing to and from drilling work-sites adding excellent value to customers drilling operations. Ensuring that the drilling crew has not only a safe solution for tubular handling but an efficient optimised operational performance is always delivered for well drilling operations. The key benefits of Tubelock to customers are the excellent operational usage efficiencies, eliminating time wastage associated with double handling which ensures the overall cost of drilling operations is far lower than using traditional methods of tubular handling and optimises pipedeck space utilisation.

Workshop Containers DNV 2.7-1: Byrne’s workshop containers are ideal for supporting regular plant maintenance, TAR/shutdowns or site construction and new build projects, offering a workplace solution right where it is needed ensuring operational shutdown is minimised. Fitted with a bench and vice, lockable cupboard shelving storage, lighting and power sockets, there is a central runway beam complete with low headroom trolley / electric hoist and anti-slip studded rubber mat flooring.

Designed, manufactured and certified in accordance with DNV 2.7-1 / EN12079 the containers are suitable for both offshore lifting and intermodal road, sea and rail freight handling and transportation.

Impact protection to locking handles, claw and keeper. Forklift pockets offer a choice of handling equipment and a certified sling and shackle set is fitted as standard.

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