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Bauer’s Unicus

Bauer’s Unicus

Bauer offers totalinte grated solution

Firmly established as a market leader in the high pressure sector, the company has contributed much to the development of breathing air compressors

The Bauer group has developed innovative all-in-one breathing air compressors for fire-fighters and divers keeping in mind market demand.

For fire-fighters Bauer just developed a new all in one breathing air compressor, the New Unicus 4i, and for divers the B-Blending breathing air compressor, says a company spokesperson.

The Unicus 4i is a revolutionary new technology. The family of Unicus products has been made even better with its new all-in-one high-tech system that provides fire-fighters with simplicity, efficiency and security by integrating a 12-inch HMI integrated touch screen, Bauer’s proprietary Gas-Tek gas monitoring system (optional), RFID readers between the system and the cylinders (optional) and Lab on Locale 2 for real-time air sampling and testing (optional), she says.

Eagerly awaited by the diving scene the nitrox blending system from Bauer is safe and secure.

"Safety is non-negotiable! This watchword drives the development of all Bauer Kompressoren products – and is particularly appropriate for the new, optimised B-Blending nitrox blending system. Ease of handling and user safety are top priorities wherever nitrox is concerned," she says.

In the Bauer B-Blending system, the admixture of oxygen (100 per cent O2) is controlled fully automatically by the B-Control II compressor control unit. Before filling starts, the required oxygen content is pre-set in the control unit to the nearest per cent, a simple procedure allowing blends with up to 40 per cent O2 to be selected.

The blending process itself is safeguarded by dual safety measures: the mechanically controlled oxygen content cannot rise over 40 per cent during compression, and the desired O2 blend is continuously monitored by the control unit using a long-life calibration-free sensor to reliably measure O2 levels. The compressor shuts down immediately if a deviation from the setting is detected. All components and lubricants are suitable for use with oxygen. The pre-set operating temperature of the compressor is monitored by temperature sensors.

The B-Blending system is now available in combination with Bauer Nitrox Compressors and can be used with mobile or stationary compressor models.

Bauer Kompressoren can look back on more than a century of machine-building experience. Johann Bauer, blacksmith in Arnsdorf (Bavaria), established "Agricultural Machines Works" in 1888. In 1946 the Bauer Company started building compressors.

Today, Bauer is firmly established as a market leader in the high pressure sector. The company prides itself on having contributed more to the development of breathing air compressors than any other company.

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