Adipec Preview 2017

‘Memosens’ sensors measure the pH-value in liquids

‘Memosens’ sensors measure the pH-value in liquids

Process industry welcomes IIoT

Endress+Hauser, which is ahead in digitalisation, is driving IIoT forward through innovative products and solutions as well as by working effectually with partners

In today’s competitive business, tackling the challenges of reducing costs, optimising processes or increasing efficiency with yesterday’s solutions will not yield the required results to create a competitive advantage.

Availability of big data for analysis, increased connectivity, and secure cloud based applications etc., connect people, processes and assets, providing continuous inputs and improvement opportunities.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has ushered in huge potential: predictive maintenance, asset information management and device configuration are just some examples of the opportunities digitalisation has in store for companies. Endress+Hauser is driving IIoT forward through innovative products and solutions as well as by working effectually with partners, says Prasanth Sreekumar, head of Marketing – ME region.

The advantages of digitalisation in the process industry can already be seen clearly. Increased networking opens up new opportunities in process optimisation and increases plant efficiency. The firm is therefore constantly increasing its offer of products, solutions and services in order to increase customers’ productivity and system availability while expanding competitiveness, he says. Endress+Hauser is not new to IIoT, or rather IIoT is not new to Endress+Hauser, he says. It was one step ahead on the path of digitalisation, when it introduced a pioneering sensor technology for liquid analysis in various industries such as chemical, power and energy, food and beverage and water and wastewater over 10 years ago! ‘Memosens’ sensors measure the pH-value in liquids, for example, and transform it into a digital signal while still in the sensor. The data is then passed on via a contactless system and provides extremely accurate, reproducible and reliable measurement results. Furthermore, the technology combines high process and data security with simple handling: it can withstand corrosion and moisture, can be calibrated and regenerated in the laboratory. This allows them to be exchanged quickly and easily on site and enables predictive maintenance.

Memosens was presented with the ‘Digital Champion Award’ in the category Digital Products and Services in June 2017. The award is a joint initiative of the German telecommunications provider Telekom and the business magazine WirtschaftsWoche.

Endress+Hauser also demonstrated its commitment through its work with partners: the company created a platform through which data can be exchanged together with BASF, SAP, Pepperl+Fuchs and Samson.

The platform enables new forms of data-based cooperation. The effectiveness and efficiency in chemical production can be increased significantly, allowing new business models to be created. The ability to gather data on the condition of devices and components and exchanging this data with all those involved with the process helps determine maintenance requirements, plan maintenance work more efficiently and reduce plant shutdowns. This platform was presented for the first time at the Digital Summit of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology in June 2017 in the metropolitan Rhine-Neckar region and saw over 1,000 participants, including the German Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel.

Endress+Hauser has been part of Adipec since the past five years now. An extensive portfolio allows it to offer proven solutions that address several measurement tasks and is fully standardised and aligned for enhanced safety and efficiency across different industry sectors.

'Innovation and invention has been at the core of all our activities and this year we are excited to showcase all our innovative technologies and products which come with superior customer benefits under one roof,' says Sreekumar. The company is presenting ‘113 GHz + Your Wavelength’, where customers will see its complete new and innovative portfolio of radar instruments; Heartbeat Technology - self-monitoring of a measuring point without process interruption and diagnostic signal output according to NE107; and interactive sessions/ presentations.

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