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Bahra Cables ... widening product portfolio

Bahra Cables ... widening product portfolio

Bahra Cables is increasing its market share in the region

Headquartered in the CPC Industrial Park 25 km from Jeddah, Bahra Cables comprises an industrial complex spanning an area of 500,000 sq m including state-of-the-art manufacturing, design and engineering, testing and warehousing facilities

Saudi-based Bahra Cables Company, one of the region’s leading cable manufacturers and rated one of the country’s fastest growing companies, is increasing its market share in a range of its products, including low, medium and high voltage cables up to 132kV, copper busbars, PVC and steel conduits and fittings,, cable management systems distribution panels, and wiring devices. The company has also recently inaugurated a new company to produce transformers and busway solutions in a joint venture with the global electrical equipment leader Legrand.

As Talal Idriss, CEO of Bahra Cables has stated: 'Since its inception in 2008, the company has utilised the world’s latest technologies to manufacture high quality cables required for projects across the kingdom as well as export-led growth and it now seeks to replicate that model with its new product ranges.'

Within a decade, Bahra Cables has established a reputation for quality manufacturing and quality control to the highest accredited and certified international standards. Bahra considers itself a partner to Vision 2030 through its commitment to high-quality manufacturing standards in Saudi Arabia practised by Saudi engineers, while also developing a strong export business with activity in the GCC, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

With formidable supply and distribution channels Bahra Cables continues to invest in more plant and equipment to widen its product portfolio to spearhead growth.

Headquartered in the CPC Industrial Park 25 km from Jeddah, Bahra Cables comprises an industrial complex spanning an area of 500,000 sq m including state-of-the-art manufacturing, design and engineering, testing and warehousing facilities. Bahra utilises cutting-edge German technology and engineering practices and the latest ERP systems. The company operates its own PVC compound plant as part of its vertical integration with an annual capacity of 36,000 tonnes, in order to produce the granule for jacketing and insulating the cables.

Fahed Talal Idriss ... operating a lean vertical structure

According to deputy CEO Fahed Talal Idriss, Bahra Cables has 25 per cent of the Saudi market in LV, MV and HV cables and is increasing its market share

Fahed Idriss outlined the strategy for the company in a highly competitive market both in-kingdom and internationally.

'We operate through a lean vertical management structure designed to integrate all our manufacturing, research and development, quality control and testing and distribution channels through our main facility in Bahra. We have a 7,000 sq m testing facility, extensive warehousing, and operate our own PVC compound plant sourcing feedstock from Sabic as part of our vertical integration. In addition, we have extensive distribution across the region through 500 distribution points,' says Idriss.

'Bahra Cables is a highly competitive manufacturer utilising the latest technologies in a vertically integrated plant with state-of-the-art production. Although there are market challenges, we are optimistic about the future and consider that projects are starting to pick up. There is more tender work coming through for 2018. Although there is overcapacity in the market I can see some consolidation. Bahra Cables prides itself in adopting a strong Saudisation policy, where nationals comprise 35 per cent of the workforce and receive extensive training programmes. For its new range of electrical wiring devices, the company has introduced a separate female-only assembly line operated and managed completely by female Saudi engineers.

'I believe one of our successes is our team approach to the business and open-door policy. We have our manufacturing, development, and operation in one facility. We have extensive distribution channels and a diverse customer base,' he continues.

Bahra Cables was the first Saudi cable manufacturer to receive ISO 14001:2004 and OHSS 1800:2007 and has extensive involvement with a long list of mega projects across the kingdom Saudi Aramco projects include the Fadhili Gas Plant, Jazan Refinery, Safania LTA project, Marjan, RAMT project in Yanbu. The scope of supplied cables includes LV, MV, grounding and control cables, PVC conduits and earthing materials.

'We take great pride in our work for Saudi Aramco. Our priority is to supply high-quality products with expedited deliveries,' he adds.

Bahra Cables is also a manufacturer of dry-type transformers, which are now increasingly used in distribution systems, energy co-generation, rectification, traction and other special requirements. With low fire hazards and no risk of insulating fluid losses, and low maintenance, applications can include hospitals, schools, banks, and high-rise buildings.

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