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Alkhorayef’s horizontal pumping system

Alkhorayef’s horizontal pumping system

Success through partnerships

Saudi-based Alkhorayef Petroleum has so far installed over 5,500 pumps across the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, lifting oil, gas and water to the surface

Saudi-based Alkhorayef Petroleum, a privately run business with 35 years’ experience in the oil and gas business, serves more than 38 national and international oil companies and believes success lies in building long term relationships. "The company philosophy is Success through Partnership and this is achieved through developing long term, win-win agreements with all stakeholders – clients, business partners, staff and the communities in which we work," says a company spokesman. Headquartered in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, Alkhorayef began by providing services for the installation and operation of electrical submersible pumps (ESPs).

In 2007 Alkhorayef Petroleum became a standalone ESP manufacturer, the first and only one of its kind in the Middle East, with two dedicated facilities in Dammam for the production of all major surface and downhole ESP components, he says.

Alkhorayef has so far installed over 5,500 pumps across the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, lifting oil, gas and water to the surface in a variety of challenging environments.

The company has operations in ten countries, each with varying reservoir and well conditions. To maximise pump run life, equipment must be designed for the application and optimised as reservoir performance changes over time. Alkhorayef Sudan has achieved the longest run life in a country at 9.5 years as a result of its surveillance and optimisation programme.

For fields that challenge existing applications, Alkhorayef engineers task themselves with creating innovative solutions to allow operators to maximise production and lower costs.

In Saudi Arabia, Alkhorayef commercialised the I-LEAD, a Monel encapsulated power delivery system for the ESP motor, designed to prevent sour gas ingress that had caused repeated short pump run lives in a harsh but high value field.

In Colombia, an Alkhorayef shrouded ESP with two stages of gas separation enabled an operator to get a previously shut-in field back online and reduced the operating costs by using the captured gas to power the surface electrical equipment.

For applications not best served by ESPs, Alkhorayef offer Sucker Rod Pumps (SRP) and Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCP) for lower productivity wells and those with heavy oil.

To allow operators to further exploit maturing and unconventional reservoirs, Alkhorayef offers a variety of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques; water flooding to maintain reservoir pressure and steam injection to reduce the viscosity of heavy oil.

For sandy, heavy oil applications, cold heavy oil production with sand (CHOPS) uses PCPs to lift reservoir fluids to the surface where they undergo treatment and processing. Alkhorayef also acts as a single contractor for large scale early production facilities (EPF) that can process and handle the sour crude, associated gas and water produced from a number of reservoirs/fields.

By handing over the complete management of projects, from design and installation through to operation and maintenance, Alkhorayef saves operators time and money, generating an early source of revenue from both conventional and unconventional fields while gathering critical reservoir performance data to validate the feasibility of the chosen recovery methods.

Alkhorayef Horizontal Pumping Systems (HPS), a versatile, low maintenance alternative to split case pumps with applications in Industrial and Mining markets, are used for surface flow line transportation of fluids and pressurisation for water injection.

Alkhorayef continues to invest significantly in research and development with multiple patents pending for new technologies that will address industry wide issues and provide templates for future ESP developments.

The company continues working with clients worldwide to bring engineered solutions to market that allow for longer run lives, better efficiencies, increased production and maximum economic value from hydrocarbon reserves.

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