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The AYTB team

The AYTB team

AYTB Housing and Catering excels

Countless successfully completed assignments in many locations and in varying degrees of complexity and duration provide strong evidence to AYTB’s success

Al Yusr Industrial Contracting Co (AYTB) is a fully integrated organisation providing a complete range of services and solutions in the areas of operation, maintenance, project management, construction, industrial cleaning services, technical assistance, plant engineering support services, onsite and shop fabrication, equipment installation, erection, lump-sum process plant turnaround and shutdown services as well as facility management, accommodation and catering services for the oil and gas upstream sector and for the oil refining, gas processing, chemicals and petrochemicals, power generation and desalination sectors in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Since its establishment, more than 35 years ago, AYTB is striving endlessly to provide its clients with the highest quality in products and services including operation and maintenance, professional project management capabilities, highly experienced and skilled work force, modern fabrication facilities, a true commitment to project completion and delivery schedules, says Sébastien Gervais, AYTB vice president (VP), Housing & Catering Division.

AYTB’s experience in facility management, catering, accommodation services is significant, he says. Countless successfully completed assignments in many locations and in varying degrees of complexity and duration provide strong evidence to AYTB’s success and good reputation in the industries served.

A further important element of AYTB’s success is the ability to support a given project with the right planning, monitoring, mobilization and supervisory tools, necessary resources including experienced professionals as well as senior management attention ensuring timely execution of the defined scope of work without compromising safety, health, quality, and environmental considerations, he says.

"Saudi Arabia, being our primary market, holds the world’s sixth largest proven gas reserves and was the seventh largest producer of gas in 2015. Continued investment in gas exploration as well as in improving production, has resulted in steadily rising output over the years. On the other hand, gas consumption has grown as fast as production. This ultimately means that the pace of gas demand in Saudi is not likely to ease. Exploration and production, given the geography of the kingdom, are getting more challenging both onshore and offshore," he continues.

AYTB has developed and continues to develop tailored catering and accommodation services to cope with all sorts of challenges.

"Our People’s Wellbeing Services Team spares no effort to achieve clients’ satisfaction in any harsh environment. With this we take the heat away from the rig owners ensuring that their employees and contractors are receiving the treatment they deserve," the VP states.

AYTB sees Saudi Vision 2030 as the vehicle that shall bring about massive economical, industrial, social, and cultural changes to the kingdom. It shall also open new horizons for a big number of opportunities. This is why AYTB’s CEO Kevin Hudson had clearly emphasised the importance of bundling all efforts to better serve the Saudi market.

By concentrating the efforts paid on the upstream services companies in general and the drilling companies in specific, AYTB’s Housing & Catering Division is getting a positive response from the market. Numerous success stories are being told meanwhile about AYTB in this industry.

"We are setting a standard in terms of mobilisation time (72 hours) and adherence to the HSE regulations imposed by the field. But above all, it is the quality of services rendered (food, hygiene, cleanliness etc) that is paying off to all -- rig owner, his employees, his contractors and to AYTB," he says.

AYTB Housing & Catering Division takes the logistical task very seriously. It is the key to success in this business. AYTB as an organisation with its vast project experience has processes and procedures, people and resources in place that are standing by to contribute, he adds.

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