Saudi Aramco Review 2016

EagleBurgmann ... high-quality products

EagleBurgmann ... high-quality products

Contract wins keep EagleBurgmann on track

Satorp awarded the firm contracts that include the supply of mechanical seals, supply of operational mechanical seal spares, as well as a service contract for the maintenance of over 55 per cent of the refinery seal population

EagleBurgmann has been doing business in Saudi Arabia for over 30 years, and in late 2009 the company moved to a new manufacturing, sales and service facility in Al Khobar. Since then, the company’s turnover has grown six-fold as it continues to increase its presence in the kingdom.

A catalyst to growth was the gaining of local manufacturer status (9COM) in 2010 with Saudi Aramco for its range of high-end mechanical seals, vital to the smooth operating of highly critical pumps and compressors on Aramco’s many sites, and in 2011, Aramco also issued a 9COM to EagleBurgmann for the manufacturer of industrial gasket products in the kingdom.

EagleBurgmann has also gained recognition as a key global manufacturer and service supplier to Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (Sabic), which can be measured locally by equipment supplied, as well as projects completed, on many Sabic affiliate sites such as Safco, PetroKemya, Ibn Rushd, Saudi Kayan, Ibn Sina, Kemya, Yansab, Sharq amongst many others across the kingdom.

Further development to meet growing customer needs and expectations came with the opening of two regional sales and service operations in 2011, in Jubail and Yanbu respectively, and a sales office was also opened in Jeddah.

"Jubail, in the Eastern Region, has witnessed dynamic growth in recent years, so to support our growing customer base in this vitally important area, which includes companies such as Hadeed, Sadaf, Sasref and Sadara amongst many others, we opened a new sales and service centre which enables us to offer our customers ‘round the clock’ support" says Jeff Stewart, managing director of EagleBurgmann Saudi Arabia (EBKSA).

EagleBurgmann has been successful winning various multimillion dollar equipment supply and maintenance contracts across the kingdom in the oil and gas, refining, chemicals, power and water sectors, including both the prestigious Sadara and Satorp projects, where the company’s global expertise on similar contracts played a big role in securing agreements.

"The success of contract bids for important projects such as Sadara and Satorp, as well as the growth of business opportunities with Ma’aden, the government-owned mining and minerals company, has meant that the Jubail service centre is a key part of the EagleBurgmann service network in the kingdom," Stewart explains.

Satorp, a joint venture between Aramco and Total, awarded EagleBurgmann contracts that include the supply of mechanical seals, supply of operational mechanical seal spares, as well as a service contract for the maintenance of over 55 per cent of the refinery seal population.

Sadara, a joint venture between Aramco and Dow Chemical Company, represents the largest ever foreign direct investment in the Saudi petrochemical industry. EagleBurgmann was awarded the mechanical seal package for all API pumps utilised on this project, plus the supply of some critical dry gas seals, as well as supply of operational mechanical seal spares.

Shortly after the opening of the Jubail facility, EagleBurgmann opened a second sales and service centre in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia’s second biggest petrochemical and refining zone, so as to cater to its growing Western Region customer base, and with more contract success in PetroRabigh and Jazan amongst others, EBKSA expect to open additional service operations in 2017 and 2018.

A major challenge to the EBKSA’s growth plans is the in-kingdom drive by the Saudi Arabia government to nationalise the workforce (Nitaqat), which involves companies meeting stringent and compulsory targets in employing Saudi nationals. EBKSA has embraced this and has actively recruited and trained Saudi nationals, utilising them in every area of the business, and holds ‘Platinum Status’, the highest Nitaqat level, and has been recognised by the Saudi government for the company’s commitment to the Nitaqat programme. EagleBurgmann is now firmly focused on aligning the business with the Kingdoms’ Vision 2030 programme.

EagleBurgmann Saudi Arabia is a joint venture between EagleBurgmann and Gas Arabian Services.

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