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EagleBurgmann ... a global company

EagleBurgmann ... a global company

EagleBurgmann – making its presence felt in Oman

The mechanical sealing manufacturer, supplier, engineering and service firm has been active serving the Sultanate of Oman’s industries for 30 years and has developed a strong in-country presence to ensure close proximity to its customers

A market leader with 130 years of manufacturing experience, close to 6,000 committed employees, over 60 subsidiaries, and with more than 45,000 satisfied customers worldwide, EagleBurgmann is the mechanical sealing manufacturer, supplier, engineering and service partner of choice.

Offering an extensive and innovative product portfolio for nearly all industrial processes and fields of application, EagleBurgmann sealing technology is used in oil and gas, refining, petrochemical, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as food processing, energy, water, mining, paper, aerospace, and other industries.

In addition to manufacturing a broad range of high-quality standard products, EagleBurgmann designs and manufactures engineered and one-off solutions specific to customer for every application.

EagleBurgmann has been active serving the Sultanate of Oman’s industries for 30 years and has developed a strong in-country presence to ensure close proximity to its customers.

'EagleBurgmann has resident sales and service engineering support permanently present in Oman, and in 2007 set up a sales and service centre for repair and refurbishment of mechanical seals near Sohar Industrial Port to better support the growing customer base and needs across the Sultanate', says Shailesh Sharma, EagleBurgmann’s country manager for Oman.

Together with Omani partners Overseas Projects & Equipment Company (OPEC), part of OHI Oman Holdings International, Muscat, EagleBurgmann has been consistently driving and developing its local service network strategy and supporting the In-Country-Value (ICV) initiative, in an effort to maximise its contribution to the social and economic development of the Sultanate. 'By delivering the services to its customers from within the country, employing Omani nationals in key positions in its operations and providing dedicated regular training in its international facilities, EagleBurgmann and OPEC significantly participate in developing local workforce and sourcing,' explains S Venkatesan, general manager at OPEC.

EagleBurgmann products and comprehensive services are used wherever the key requirements are technology, productivity, cost-effectiveness, reliability and safety. The excellence of its products and services combined with the strong in-country presence has earned the company high recognition within Oman’s companies such as Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO), Oman Oil Refineries & Petroleum Industries Company (Orpic), Occidental Oman (Oxy), Sohar Aluminium, Sohar International Urea and Chemical Industries (SIUCI), Salalah Methanol Company, Oman Methanol Company (OMC), Oil Tanking Odfjell, Oman Indian Fertilizer Company (OMIFCO), Daleel Petroleum and BP Oman Khazzan, and EagleBurgmann is also listed as an approved supplier in Oman’s Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS), serving the needs of all oil and gas operators in the country.

EagleBurgmann Oman office

EagleBurgmann Oman is supported by a team of application engineers, based in EagleBurgmann Middle East offices in Dubai, that provide rapid and focused response to any service and engineering requirements on site. Other corporate group functions such as HSE, quality management, supply chain, etc. are also managed on a regional level in Dubai, which are coordinated and aligned with the group’s manufacturing, engineering and support structure.

According to Gerhardt Zimmerspitz, managing director of EagleBurgmann Middle East, '… EagleBurgmann is a global company that best understands, adapts and caters to the needs of our customers by combining our individual strengths, talents and passion for sealing technologies, with the objective to deliver excellent products and services globally and consistently'.

EagleBurgmann has also set up a Dry Gas Seal (DGS) Centre of Competence in Jebel Ali, Dubai, to inspect, test and refurbish compressor seals for its Middle East customer base, utilising a test rig that allows for test conditions up to 200 bar, 24,000 rpm and 150-degC and is operated by a team of specially trained DGS service engineers. Ramanan Mahadevan, applications and engineering director at EagleBurgmann Middle East, emphasises that: 'the DGS Centre of Competence allows us to attend the needs of our Omani customers on a priority basis 24/7. We take care of most of EagleBurgmann’s compressor seals in the Middle East; that’s how we are able to justify the high investment in such a facility'.

In addition to mechanical seals and seal supply systems for pumps, agitators and compressors, EagleBurgmann’s portfolio also comprises magnetic and diaphragm couplings, metal bellows, carbon floating ring seals, expansion joints and gaskets, stuffing box packings and special products like marine seals and sealing systems for rotating tubular kilns as well as a whole range of comprehensive seal services, substantiates Rabih AbdulQader, sales director at EagleBurgmann Middle East.

As a reliable partner, EagleBurgmann offers customised service programmes and flexible service for seals, expansion joints and gaskets, with a service portfolio that extends through the whole range of maintenance services (for example, field installation, commissioning, inspection, failure and bad actor analysis, reconditioning, repair, retrofits, inventory management, monitoring and documentation, seminars and training) to individually tailored service contracts for both EagleBurgmann products and products from other manufacturers.

Seals are key components in plant operations and have enormous scopes of performance. But EagleBurgmann succeeds time and time again in extending performance limits even further. Intensive research and development (R&D) activities, in particular, in the fields of tribology, material science and fluid mechanics, are the basis for inventing increasingly efficient, sophisticated products.

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