Jubail & Yanbu Review

Shell, RCY to work together

Saudi, young and talented entrepreneurs now get a once in a lifetime opportunity to turn their dreams into reality.

Shell Intilaaqah will collaborate with The Royal Commission’s Business & Technology Incubators Centre Abde’ (‘get creative’) at Yanbu to support young Saudi men and women entrepreneurs start their own business.

Through this initiative Shell Intilaaqah and The Incubator Centre will create leaders who will help contribute to the kingdom’s economy through starting their own businesses and in turn, creating further opportunities for youth employment.

Dr Alaabin Abdullah Nassif, chief executive officer of the Royal Commission in Yanbu, explained that the signing of the agreement comes within the framework of cooperation between the Royal Commission in Yanbu and Shell in supporting entrepreneurs’ programme and creating industry leaders who will have an effective impact on the growth of the kingdom’s economy.

He also emphasised on the keenness ofthe Royal Commission in Yanbu to open new avenues for creative and technical entrepreneurs and help them turn their ideas into successful projects – particularly in the provision of services to help turn those ideas into successful pilot projects.

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