Adnoc Review 2016

Shah output to increase

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc) will be running its sulphur at full capacity from the Shah and Habshan gas projects by the second quarter of 2016, a company source confirms.

"Regarding Shah we expect to be running at full capacity by the second quarter next year and we expect to get up to 5m tonnes. Shah and Habshan’s total capacity will be 5.2 million tonnes," an Adnoc company source says.

Adnoc also confirms the additional capacity will all be sold on a contractual basis. Prior to Shah, Adnoc has been producing in the region of 2 million tonnes of sulphur on an annual basis.

"All of Adnoc’s production is sold under contract. All of the volume from Shah will be committed for long-term customers," the company source adds.

Etihad Rail, which is working alongside Adnoc, said it has already transported more than 2 million tonnes of sulphur in the past year during its testing and commissioning phase from Shah, which has replaced more than 66,000 truck trips on roads.

Etihad Rail’s fleet comprises seven locomotives and 240 hopper wagons transporting granulated sulphur from Shah and Habshan in west Abu Dhabi.

Etihad Rail had originally planned for the Habshan to Ruwais link to be completed in 2013 and the Shah to Habshan link was in 2014.

According to the company’s website, the main line is double tracked, with a single track network from Liwa Junction to Shah: and Ruwais Junction to Ruwais.

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