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Bauer’s Unicus 4i (left) and B-Blending system

Bauer’s Unicus 4i (left) and B-Blending system

Bauer unveils Unicus 4i all-in-one high pressure system

The company, a market leader in the high pressure sector, says its family of Unicus products has been made even better with its new all-in-one high tech system that provides firefighters with simplicity, efficiency and security

The bauer group has developed a new and innovative all in one breathing air compressor. Following market demands, Bauer has now developed not only the Unicus 4i, which is an all in one breathing air system for firefighters, but also the B-Blending nitrox system for divers.

The Unicus 4i includes an all new integrated 12-inch HMI touch screen allowing operators to control the entire system from a central location with full visual interface of all system functions. By reducing operator error, this system allows for the best possible air in critical situations and the safest breathing air for first responders.

In addition to the multiple operator safety features currently on the unit, the Unicus 4i is available with many features to assist in record keeping and air purity:

RFID Interface with SCBA data collection improves data logging and exceeds current NFPA 1989 requirements. This option automatically reads and records data from the RFID equipped SCBA cylinders including person, date, location, pressure of last fill along with the serial number and total number of fills.

Eagerly awaited by the diving scene is the new B-Blending from Bauer Kompressoren, which enables safe and secure nitrox blending. For bauer safety is non-negotiable. This watchword drives the development of all Bauer Kompressoren products and is particularly appropriate for the new, optimised B-Blending nitrox blending system.

Ease of handling and user safety are top priorities wherever nitrox is concerned. In the Bauer B-Blending system, a mixture of oxygen (100 per cent O2) is controlled fully automatically by the B-Control II compressor control unit. Before filling starts, the required oxygen content is pre-set in the control unit to the nearest per cent, a simple procedure allowing blends with up to 40 per cent O2 to be selected.

The blending process itself is safeguarded by dual safety measures: the mechanically controlled oxygen content cannot rise over 40 per cent during compression, and the desired O2 blend is continuously monitored by the control unit using a long-lifecalibration-free sensor to reliably measure O2 levels. The compressor shuts down immediately if a deviation from the setting is detected. All components and lubricants are suitable for use with oxygen. The pre-set operating temperature of the compressor is monitored by temperature sensors. The B-Blending system is now available in combination with Bauer Nitrox Compressors and can be used with mobile or stationary compressor models.

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