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AS-Schneider’s plant ... sustainable success

AS-Schneider’s plant ... sustainable success

AS-Schneider: specialist for industrial valves

The family-owned company from Nordheim in southern Germany which operates globally has tradition, know-how and innovative strength and continues to be a pioneer in the industry even after 140 years

Power plants, offshore platforms, chemical plants, marine engines: AS-Schneider industrial valves ensure smooth operation in many such systems. The family-owned company from Nordheim in southern Germany near Heilbronn operates globally and is one of the world-wide leading manufacturers of instrumentation valves and manifolds. AS-Schneider looks back on a nearly 140-year history – and was always an innovation driver and idea generator.

The core business of AS-Schneider is industrial instrumentation measurement and control technology. These are widely used in plant engineering such as in the oil and gas industry, chemical plants, power plants, refineries and cement plants. The company offers a wide range of products. This ranges from shut-off valves with safety devices for measuring instruments and multi-way cocks to integrated manifolds.

AS-Schneider is the world market leader for valves for large diesel engines, such as those used in ship propulsion or for electricity generation. Well-known companies such as BASF, Dow, Shell, Siemens, General Electric and Emerson have relied on the products of the Swabian manufacturer for years.

AS-Schneider has tradition and with it, sound know-how. In 1875, Franz Schneider Senior founded the company as a precision mechanics workshop in Heilbronn. Initially he specialised in the production of bicycles, sewing machines and precision balances. In 1901, the company also began to manufacture cocks and valves. The valve production was so successful that in 1936, his son, Franz Schneider Junior, developed it into a separate division. In this context, he relocated the company headquarters to its current location in Nordheim near Heilbronn. Until the 1960s, the company still focussed on sanitary valves before it become more and more dedicated to the production of instrumentation valves for industrial applications – with sustainable success.

Today, AS-Schneider employs over 350 people and generates a turnover of around €45 million ($51 million) a year. This success is based not only on innovative and high quality company products, but also on its proximity to customers: Working closely with the user, AS-Schneider develops customised solutions that are not found in the catalogue in addition to its standard products. And precisely due to its customer proximity, the company has established subsidiaries in Romania, Singapore and Dubai – and, in 2013, in Houston, Texas. In addition to these, there are partners and sales offices that support customers with their requirements in more than 20 countries.

The company is a reliable partner for small plants as well as for major international projects. Just recently, AS-Schneider received two orders from the chemical industry with a volume of several million US dollars: the Texas ethylene plant ‘Gulfstream’ and the Saudi Arabian chemical plant ‘Sadara’. The company is supplying the so-called ‘installation hardware’ for both plants. This consists of valves, manifolds, pipeline parts, gaskets, screws and flush rings. Both orders are excellent opportunities for AS-Schneider to make a name as a manufacturer and supplier both in the US and in the Arab world.

The continued success of AS-Schneider shows that progress can only come from tradition. Thanks to a strong culture of innovation, the company is a pioneer in the industry even after 140 years. The continuous new and further product development is a central part of the company philosophy. A current example of this is a metal seated ball valve that can withstand extreme operating conditions with temperatures up to 450 degrees C and pressures up to 420 bars. Through its special design, the ball valve can easily open and close even under the highest loads. AS-Schneider has applied for a patent for this innovation.

A successful company needs qualified and motivated employees. That is why AS-Schneider offers young people a wide range of training and study programmes in order to continuously grow together with them. And it pays off. Around 50 per cent of AS-Schneider skilled personnel have done their training at the company. The company enjoys an excellent reputation as an employer. This is another way that AS-Schneider is well-prepared for future tasks.

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