Saudi Aramco Review 2015

SFC ... special components

SFC ... special components

SFC International looks to expand in the region

The firm uses traditional engineering skills along with sophisticated CNC manufacturing centres to produce a wide range of fasteners and special components for applications such as gas and steam turbines and nuclear power installations

SFC international, a British owned and managed organisation manufacturing and distributing high integrity bolting, special components and protective coating services for the oil, gas, petrochemical, power generation and heavy engineering industries, worldwide, has developed a new coating system that meets the most demanding performance.

In response to the demand from major oil companies for a reliable high performance coating to offer the maximum corrosion protection in extreme hazardous environment, SFC International has, with the support of Whitford Plastics (the world’s leading manufacturer of plastic coating materials), developed the SFC3000 coating system.

The new system has been verified by a programme of independent testing including a 3,000-hour salt spray test equivalent to 30 years in-service performance, says the company, which has manufacturing and stockholding centres situated in Dubai and the UK, with a commercial office in Abu Dhabi.

Founded in 2012, the directors of the company have a long and successful involvement with the supply of special bolting to the energy industry.

A strategy of investment and continued development has resulted in the company being well on the way to achieving its aim to establish itself as the ‘Preferred Supply Partner’ for global oil , gas, petrochemical and energy producers, OEMs and EPCs, says group managing director Michael Glover.

The future promises major developments for SFC International, which is looking to develop new supply partners and local stock arrangements with established industry suppliers in the Gulf Countries and in Europe, he says.

Service and speed of supply is paramount and work is already under way to establish SFC in major supply centres such as Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain, Glover says.

Saudi Aramco is the leading light of oil production in the Middle East and SFC international is looking to be a partner in their mission to provide safe and environmentally responsible global energy supply.

The company combines a wealth of technical and commercial experience with the vital IT expertise needed to offer customers a supply partnership designed to meet every aspect of efficient cost effective supply and inventory management.

"We work closely with our customers to provide the additional added value services so much in demand by the current market environment," says Glover.

"We can accommodate, dedicated or consigned stock arrangements, flexible scheduled delivery, kitting, customers’ own individual product identification, packaging, labelling and e-commerce services. Our sales and commercial teams are experienced in dealing with all aspects of supply, documentation and payment terms to Europe and Scandinavia from our UK factory in Wolverhampton at the heart of the UK and to all the Gulf States and Asia from our factory situated in DIP2 in Dubai," he says.

The company stocks a complete range of over 2,000 tonnes of finished, semi-finished products and raw material in material grades including alloy and stainless steels, high nickel, Duplex, Super Duplex, Cupro-Nickel alloys and non-ferrous materials for high performance applications.

The Dubai facility also provides an in-house coating plant which can meet sub-contract coating demands from customers with components for valves, BOPs etc. up to 6 tonnes in weight.

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