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Dar Petro ... committed to quality and goals

Dar Petro ... committed to quality and goals

Dar Petro, a specialised EPC and maintenance company

Having long and firm standing in oil, gas and petrochemicals market, Dar Petro is enriched by its strong engineering background and backed by specialised engineering support from mother company Dar Consulting

Saudi Arabia-based engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firm Dar Petro – specialised in handling complete plant modifications and maintenance services – is now delivering additional services such as shut down and turn around services as well.

With its modern workshop handling jobs like steel and pipe fabrication; electrical and instrumentation jobs on all scales, Dar Petro says it is now able to compete in the area of industrial maintenance and modification works, too. The company’s industrial valve maintenance and test shops are also being set up now.

Dar Petro has successfully carved a name for itself as an operation, maintenance, engineering, construction, project management and consultancy services company in oil, gas and petrochemical projects.

The core areas of its expertise traverse from operations, maintenance and site support for petrochemical, oil and gas plants in the form of project management team as well as turnkey solutions covering EPC and commissioning.

"We at Dar Petro believe that our achievements are the result of our highest level of professional commitment to the field of oil, gas and petrochemical services. Result-oriented and cost effective deliverables are driven through state-of-the-art technologies and tools to meet our client’s expectations and requirements," says a Dar Petro spokesperson.

Dar Petro is specialised in handling plant maintenance and shut down services with a well experienced team of professionals, engineers, technicians and support staff.

Having long and firm standing in oil, gas and petrochemicals market, Dar Petro is enriched by its strong engineering background and backed by specialised engineering support from mother company Dar Consulting, he says.


Having a strong commitment to quality and goals, Dar Petro intends to achieve its standing in the international forum with diversified expertise to support existing and future demand. The company plays a significant role in supporting oil, gas and petrochemical fields with the highest standards and advanced techniques to achieve client’s objectives keeping in mind the essential considerations towards society, environment and economy. Technology transfer and continuous improvement are the key factors through which the company continuously endeavours to support its stakeholders.

"Dar Petro believes that, progress must be achieved in harmony with the environmental protection, a commitment to community welfare. Environmental protection is an integral part of the corporate vision. We are committed to our social responsibility and strongly believe in close partnership with stakeholders to deliver utmost quality to achieve overall goals and objectives," he adds.

According to the company, the vision and mission of the company reflects the collective goal of employees at Dar Petro. "These statements were created in a collaborative process in which employees participated at every level. At Dar Petro, our vision and mission statement are not merely corporate posturing—they are the directions we use to guide our work every day," he says.


"At Dar Petro, our business is making a client’s business better. That means a greater return on investment. A partnership with a trusted business adviser who is responsible to your needs and pro-act in ensuring that you achieve your goals and be successful in the market," says the spokesperson.

Dar Petro offers its services in the broad areas of, industrial services, construction and supervision services, design and detailed engineering, environmental studies, technical manpower supply and project management consultancy services (PMC).

The company provides solutions in the following core areas: Project management and support, plant maintenance and maintenance services, turnkey projects for, electrical, mechanical enterprises, instruments and control works in new and on-going plants, on-site project support during commissioning, facility maintenance and landscaping services, water and electrical network operation and maintenance; short-haul and long-haul operation and maintenance, short-lived emission monitoring; noise surveys; environmental impact assessment; environmental inventory reports; consultancy services; thermal and acoustic studies; technical manpower supply; feasibility studies; illumination surveys; plant lighting services; noise survey and acoustic studies and turnaround and plant shut down services.

The Saudi Arabian company’s clients include Sabic affiliates; Sharq, Sadaf, Saudi Kayan, Hadeed, Petrokemya, Yanpet, Yanseb,Marafiq, Sadara, Satorp, S-Chem, Tasnee, Saudi Aramco, Mobily, Maaden and others.

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