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Saoge ... a platform to network

Saoge ... a platform to network

New firms to exhibit

THE Saudi Arabia International Oil & Gas Exhibition (Saoge) regularly sees great demand from global companies to participate and be at the heart of the industry. The Eastern Province provides best access to business opportunities for the energy sector, covering more than 33 per cent of Saudi Arabia’s total area. It is the largest province in the kingdom and the perfect strategic gateway for international trade.

Amongst those who have confirmed participation in the upcoming sixth Saoge, which will be held from November 24 to 26, 2014 in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, is Sawary Energy, which provides all-encompassing, top-of-the-line power solutions to its network that branches across Saudi Arabia. China Petroleum Technology & Development Corporation (CPTDC), Abdulla Al Shuwayer, Alfanar and Al Estagamah are some of the other companies who have confirmed participation in the top industry event.

Saudi Arabia ranks as one of the world’s 20 largest economies and is the largest economy in the Middle East and North America (Mena) region.

Activity in the world’s premier energy economy will develop rapidly as large-scale capital spending is applied to building new capacity and expansion of existing facilities.

The Arab Oil and Gas directory forecasts major new energy investments in Saudi Arabia, including: petrochemical projects – $90 billion; power generation -$90 billion; water desalination plans – $88 billion and natural gas-related projects – $50 billion.

In addition to these direct energy-related investments, the energy sector will be supported by an estimated $140 billion in general infrastructure outlays including the Economic Cities and transport links.

This event gives exhibitors the opportunity to join more than 250 private and public companies, research institutions, government agencies for the only show that gathers all the oil and gas leaders working in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia under the same roof, sharing the common aim to promote themselves, strengthen business relationships and at the same time find new projects and opportunities.

Attendees travel from across the Gulf region and beyond to Dammam where Saoge facilitates the perfect platform to meet, network, learn and strengthen relationships.

The IES team offers international expertise for companies wishing to expand current business interests in Saudi Arabia within the oil and gas sector. Through its offices and representatives in Saudi Arabia, Italy and the UK, our team provide extensive guidance, market intelligence and support.

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