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Al Busaies ... expert services

Al Busaies ... expert services

Legal expert in oil, gas

Al Suwaiket and Al Busaies provide comprehensive legal services in Saudi Arabia

THE rapid growth of Saudi Arabia’s economy and the diverse activities carried out by both the government and the private sector have necessitated the establishment of specialised competent legal firms in Saudi Arabia.

With more and more experienced professionals joining the specialised legal firms in Saudi Arabia, the awareness and importance of legal services has also increased in the kingdom.

“Legal services provide better guidance and control in all commercial activities carried by these sectors whether inside or outside Saudi Arabia,” says Dr Bader Al Busaies, Attorney at Law and managing partner, Fahad Al Suwaiket and Bader Al Busaies Company.

Cashing in on the situation, Fahad Al Suwaiket and Bader Al Busaies Company (Al Suwaiket and Al Busaies) is the first legal company to provide its services in Al Khobar, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. According to Dr Al Busaies, the firm commenced legal services from the eastern province of Saudi Arabia as it is considered to be the backbone of the world’s oil production.

“Our practice provides a full range of corporate and regulatory matters affecting the petroleum and energy sector including trade, privatization, mergers and acquisitions, helping oil and gas companies to set up their  businesses, understand environmental regulations and laws , have support in litigations and arbitrations in both domestic and international markets,” says Dr Al Busaies.

The firm’s energy section advises its clients on various legal issues related to electricity and water, project development and finance laws, construction, engineering contracts, environment and other regulations. Furthermore, Al Suwaiket and Al Busaies represents its clients continuously for the entire period of their litigation.

The firm also covers the maritime sector in Saudi Arabia including vessel registration, claims and collision, and focuses on providing practical solutions to ensure clients’ best economic interest.

Al Suwaiket and Al Busaies uses modern methods and professional legal services to handle the complete range of legal services relating to the economic, commercial, and civil activities. All services in the vital areas of law and shariah are provided to the clients in all important sectors like oil and gas, corporate, finance and investment, contracts, information technology, intellectual property, taxation, insurance, privatisation, environmental concerns, maritime, real estate.

“Al Suwaiket and Al Busaies offers its clients best value for money by providing sound legal services and keeping and serving the client interests,” adds Dr Al Busaies.

Al Suwaiket and Al Busaies has reputable clients from local and international companies such Sumitomo Chemical Asia (Singapore), Expro Group (South Africa), Power Well Services (South Africa), Keagnam Enterprises (South Korea), ThyssenKrupp Xervon (Germany) , Procter & Gamble (Switzerland), Power & Water Utility Company for Jubail & Yanbu-Marafiq (Saudi) and the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities.

Al Suwaiket and Al Busaies has cooperation partners and correspondents in Washington DC, London, Berlin, Geneva, Hamburg, Singapore, Tokyo and Dubai.

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