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Bohler Welding becomes part of voestalpine group

One of the leading manufacturers of welding consumables has now merged fully with the voestalpine Group, a steel-based technology and capital goods group with about 500 group companies and locations in more than 50 countries

THE erstwhile Bohler Welding Group, one of the leading manufacturers of welding consumables, has now become a fully integrated part of the voestalpine Group, from September, this year.

Its affiliation with the voestalpine Group, a steel-based technology and capital goods group with about 500 group companies and locations in more than 50 countries is also reflected by its name which changed from Bohler Welding Group to voestalpine Bohler Welding, says the company in a statement.

Like no other enterprise, voestalpine Bohler Welding combines welding expertise with steel expertise.

Customers benefit from comprehensive welding and steel know-how from one source that generates complete welding solutions tailored to the customers’ specific performance criteria and base materials, as well as from a partner offering extremely high economic stability and technological competence.

voestalpine Bohler Welding bundles its competence into three strong brands, which are:

• Bohler Welding (joint welding);

• UTP Maintenance (repair and build-up welding); and

• Fontargen Brazing (brazing).

Here, customers will find a focused range of products and a pool of experts for their special challenges, the company assures.

The brands at a glance:

Bohler Welding: Creating lasting connections is the most important part of the welding process. Designed for joint welding in all conventional arc welding processes, more than 2,000 products from Avesta, Bohler T-PUT, and UTP are now united within a globally unique product portfolio.

 The personal application support significantly adds to the benefit for customers, as Bohler Welding creates lasting connections – also between people.

UTP Maintenance: Decades of industry experience and application know-how in the areas of repair as well as surface and wear protection, combined with innovative and custom-tailored products of the UTP Maintenance brand, guarantee customers an increase in the productivity, protection, service life, and performance of their machines and facilities.

Fontargen Brazing: To have insight into the processing methods and to understand them is essential for achieving optimum brazing results. Experience-based solutions and the knowledge gained from countless application cases make up this brand’s expertise.

Fontargen Brazing offers its customers knowledge and application experience for their brazing processes on the basis of proven products incorporating technology made in Germany.

voestalpine Bohler Welding (formerly Bohler Welding Group) operates 40 branch locations in 28 countries around the globe. It services its customers in more than 150 countries either directly or via a network of over 1,000 carefully selected distribution partners.

Its more than 2,200 experts inform which filler materials provide in-depth technical advice for custom-tailored solutions with regard to industrial welding and brazing applications.

Its 12 production sites in Europe, South America, and Asia offer a total production capacity of more than 130,000 tonnes of welding and brazing consumables.

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