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Hi-Force offers on-site services too

Hi-Force offers on-site services too

UAE remains key market for Hi-Force

The UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic tools says the oil and gas industry has been and will remain a significant market for the company

HI-FORCE has been present in the UAE since 1992 when its first Middle Eastern facility was opened in Jebel Ali Freezone in Dubai.

Kevin Brown, the current group managing director, headed up the move then as part of a global expansion plan originating from the company’s UK headquarters.

Following the immediate success of Hi-Force in Dubai, a second facility was opened in 1996 in Mussaffah Industrial area of Abu Dhabi in the UAE. Since then, Hi-Force’s operations within the UAE have steadily developed and funded further developments for the company.

Hi-Force is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic tools and offers an extensive product range from cylinders, manual and powered pumps, manual and hydraulic torque wrenches, stud bolt tensioners, jacks, nut splitters, puller kits, crimpers and many other industry specific tools.

As a result, its customers and their industries include; oil and gas, petrochemicals and refining, ship building and ship repair, aerospace, defense, heavy engineering and the many thousands of industrial service companies supporting these industries.

However, in the UAE, the oil and gas industry forms the majority of its customer base for the region.

In addition to the extensive range of products, Hi-Force also offers excellent and highly reputable on-site services.

Through training, years of experience and a motivated workforce, Hi-Force is able to offer on-site services that are second to none.

“Our on-site services include bolting services from a simple bolt up of a single flange joint to a major construction and maintenance and shut down projects to on-site lifting and jacking services usually related to heavy lift applications involving multiple numbers of Hi-Force high tonnage cylinders, pumps, hoses and accessories,” says a company spokesperson.

The Hi-Force philosophy of offering a complete service package to support its valued customers needs and requirements also extends to tool rental services.

“With such an extensive array of products within the Hi-Force range, it is sometimes difficult for our customers to decide which suitable tool to invest their money in.

Additionally, with all our higher value products like high tonnage cylinders, powered pumps, hydraulic wrenches, stud bolt tensioners and hydrotest pumps many clients simply cannot justify the high capital outlay to purchase, especially in cases where their needs for the product are relatively short term or even simply for a one off job,” he adds.

The oil and gas industry has been the largest sector; Hi-Force has been catering to since it established itself in the region.

Even as the economic downturn has recently led to a slowdown within the industry, however, for Hi-Force, the recovery of the market is reflected through increased activity in the oil and gas sector.

Particularly, with Abu Dhabi’s natural oil and gas reserves, the Hi-Force Abu Dhabi branch has experienced a significant increase in performance over the last 12 to 18 months.

In future, the oil and gas industry will be at the forefront of Hi-Forces strategy and will remain a key market for the company for many years to come.

Globally, Hi-Force is continually expanding and hopes to continue to open new regional offices around the world. Due to this global expansion, the UK head office has recently taken delivery of a new purpose built facility, at the rear of the existing UK manufacturing plant to cope with the increased demand for product worldwide.

The new facility comprises of almost 20,000 sq ft of built-up area, plus an additional 15,000 sq ft of secure yard area houses the complete UK logistical operation from raw materials through to finished product, plus a 1,500 sq ft the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) approved Training School.

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