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Sustainable solutions

Sabic is helping its customers by designing products that support the needs of pipe manufacturers

SABIC is helping its customers in the building and construction industry to develop new solutions for sustainable and energy efficient structures – a major global priority for the industry.

To help its customers address these needs, Sabic has developed a deep and relevant portfolio of material technologies, which were showcased at K 2013 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

These new solutions enable sustainable, long-term building options for the industry. Sabic Vestolen A Rely and Sabic PP Rely for pipe applications have been chosen for municipal water and other important projects around the world for their long-term reliability and durability.

These innovative material technologies on display at this year’s K Show, along with numerous others in Sabic’s building and construction portfolio have been developed through research and collaboration with Sabic customers, to enable them to meet their commercial ambitions, while propelling their industries forward.

“Our portfolio of sustainable, high-performing materials allow planners, architects and designers to meet the diverse challenges resulting from the growing shift in populations from suburban to urban population centres, rising demand for effective infrastructure and the need for greater environmental conservation,” says Khaled Al Mana, executive vice president of Sabic’s polymers business.

“Whether it’s improving a building’s energy efficiency, helping architects meet Leed targets or enabling more reliable water management in pressure pipe applications, we are proud to provide solutions for the wide range of challenges faced by our customers.”

A recent study by McGraw-Hill Construction and the World Green Building Council concluded that 51 per cent of firms and professionals in the global construction industry expect more than 60 per cent of their work to be green by 2015, up from 27 per cent in 2012.

Sabic has assisted its customers to anticipate the impact of these emerging trends by providing a series of solutions. This includes its portfolio of Lexan polycarbonate sheets, which has played a major role in helping architects to combine unique design concepts and meet tough requirements for safety, weatherability and compliance.

Used extensively around the world, the panels have helped to deliver more than 50 eye-catching stadiums including, the Olympic Stadiums in Sydney, Australia and Chongqing, China, the UEFA European Football Championship Euro 2008, Euro 2004, Euro 2012 stadiums in Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, and Poland, 2010 FIFA World Cup stadiums in South Africa, and the Arena do Grêmio stadium in Brazil. The transparent, curvilinear walls found in Dublin’s Aviva Stadium have also helped Sabic to win a Best Project and Innovation Award from European Polycarbonate Sheet Extruders (EPSE).

Increasing global environment challenges require solutions that preserve valuable natural resources such as water and gas. These are becoming scarce as the world’s population grows and consumption increases.

To help address this growing need, Sabic is helping its customers by designing products that support the needs of pipe manufacturers and deliver value to contractors and network operators. Solutions such as the Rely range, which includes High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP) materials, are helping the pipe industry to meet these modern demands.

Sabic Vestolen A Rely is a family of tough, sustainable and cost-effective bimodal high-density polyethylene (HDPE) materials for pressure pipe applications. The Sabic Vestolen A Rely portfolio offers converters considerable energy savings and enables more efficient pipe installation.

The two grades within the Sabic Vestolen A Rely portfolio – one designed for low sagging and the other engineered for high resistance to slow crack growth – contribute to the improved production and use of pressure pipes.

Developers and contractors can select trenchless pipe installation, such as guided drilling and horizontal directional drilling, which reduce impact on the environment. Moreover, the market research company Frost and Sullivan has recently awarded Sabic for Customer Value Enhancement with the successful introduction of Sabic Vestolen A Rely.

Sabic has also developed an advanced range of polypropylene materials, Sabic PP Rely. This includes Sabic PP Rely 61EK61 PS which was the result of several years of extensive research to produce a PP pipe grade with high molecular weight and custom made rubber particle distribution.

Converters benefit from the product’s intrinsic properties, which are maintained in challenging environments where land conditions demand materials with high stiffness levels. These properties include a broad processing window, high stiffness in combination with high impact resistance even at low temperatures.

Together, this leads to reliable pipe systems through minimised leakage and the prevention of ground water pollution, making it an extremely valuable asset for demanding non-pressure sewage and drainage pipe systems.

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