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MT-Enterprises ... expansion on the cards

MT-Enterprises ... expansion on the cards

MT cashing on its competence in calibration services

The company, which set up a world-class calibration laboratory in 2012 in Saudi Arabia, plans to expand its calibration services while committing to its strict international quality system and traceable standards

MT-ENTERPRISES – an industrial services company established in 2004 to serve utilities, oil and gas and the petrochemicals users in Saudi Arabia – is planning to expand its market reach and offer a more diversified range of products and services to its customers, next year.

The company, which set up a world-class calibration laboratory in 2012 in Saudi Arabia, plans to expand its calibration services while committing to its strict international quality system and traceable standards.

“The process industrial sector goes through typical annual cycles of shut downs seasons and turnarounds. This last season was a busy time for us where we signed many contracts and we are proud to have received a positive feedback for offering dependable quality services as well as delivering on time and at competitive prices. Things have improved a lot in 2013 and we are looking forward to a better year closing,” says Faisal Tulbah, general manager, MT-Enterprises Calibration Services.

MT-Enterprises was established with a motive to avail the best services for its customers through its quality and dedication. Its world-class instrument calibration laboratory is accredited by Saudi Arabia SASO in compliance with ISO 17025. The company provides expertise onsite services for testing, commissioning, training, calibration, maintenance, installation, and repair services for, gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, transformers, switchgears and electrical protection system.

In addition, the company provides electrical protection and excitation system through its technology partner – Basler Electric; gas turbine, steam turbine, compressor (anti-surge) control system replacement through its technology partner Tri-Sen and gas and steam turbine power plant operation and maintenance.

Talking about the various types of projects completed by the company, Tulbah says: “We have completed many short and long term instrument calibration contracts, some spanning over 1.5 years completing +10K instrument onsite. Other projects would cover power plant operation and control system services.”

In recent years, the company has been busy with control system replacement, such as replacing old gas turbine controls with the latest control systems. This also included mechanical to electrical governor upgrades and retrofits. “Moreover we have completed few projects for replacement of electrical protection and excitation system on generators and motors,” says Tulbah.

“In 2013 we had also completed the installation of calibration benches equipment with high accuracy measuring instruments in a local refinery partnered with Nagman instrumentation which is a part of many other ongoing projects in the instrumentation field.” he adds.

Going forward, the company is focusing on expanding its capabilities and product offerings. “We are representing more products and services that complement our portfolio and our customer’s expectations. Our dynamic operations and technical skills allow us to add value to our services by strategic sourcing of instruments throughout Saudi Arabia,” says Tulbah.

“Furthermore, we have signed agreements with renowned brands such as Basler Electric, Tri-Sen, Nagman, and 3M. Jointly, we are actively expanding our business with them,” he adds.

According to Tulbah, Saudi Arabia continues to develop the oil industry through exploration and expanding production capacity. With this growth we are also expanding capacity, gradually, Tulbah says.

“In our business human recourses is the greatest challenge while operation with a zero tolerance for errors. At MT-Enterprises we work on recruiting key technical personnel in all levels to add value to our services. We have successfully recruited local Saudi talent who has delivered excellent output in a short period of time. Building on this positive experience we are planning to expand our operations by hiring more local talent in this specialised technical field,” he says. To see that its team adapts the highest standard, MT-Enterprises conducts bi-yearly trainings to maintain the standard.

“We are fortunate to have built strong relationships with our clients by delivering quick services to the highest standards. With this solid reputation at MT-Enterprises, we see a good prospect in the upcoming year. More projects are going on throughout Saudi Arabia and we are working hard to be part of it as well as win more business and retain previous customers,” he adds.

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