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Elkadiki ... seeing steady growth

Elkadiki ... seeing steady growth

SADC is broadening overall capabilities in the kingdom

AL-KHOBAR-based Saudi Arabian Development Company Ltd, (SADC) has built its quality reputation as a selective valued-added reseller (VAR) dealing with end-users, EPC companies and engineering partners drawing from its formidable technology portfolio of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners.

In this, SADC has more than 35 years of experience in supplying top quality industrial products, technologies and services to the petroleum, petrochemicals, power generation and water sectors in Saudi Arabia and the wider Middle East.

Salah J Elkadiki, vice president of operations and business development says: “Strategically, we are now looking to broaden the company’s overall capabilities by developing local manufacturing at the joint venture level through selective partnerships and investing in new facilities and product and services capabilities to meet increasing customer demand across the region.”

“SADC has built its specialist reputation in the supply of products, technologies and services over three decades. Naturally, we are looking to offer more solutions and more services and widen our portfolio and capabilities to our customers. The role of an agent with the traditional vendor relationship is changing and SADC is looking to provide more specialist services including the establishment of more joint ventures and also enhance our manufacturing and systems integration capabilities. Currently, we are in the process of establishing a new electrical division and will be investing in purpose-built industrial facilities in Dammam, to meet growing demand in this category” says Elkadiki.

Elkadiki is drawing from his extensive international experience in the energy sector in supplying high-level industrial engineering, services and products to the petroleum industry, major industrials, utilities and process industries to take SADC to the next level.

SADC has been involved in major engineering and contracting projects and developed strong relations with the industrial sector from pre-sales, procurement, supply of OEM technologies and equipment, on-site technical support, maintenance and spare parts provision.

SADC’s high reputation has been built by developing exclusive niche partnerships with leading global technology companies, engineering service partners and manufacturers to provide specialist solutions to its clients that include Saudi Aramco, Sabic affiliates, Ma’aden, SEC, SWCC and other major industrials and EPC companies.

These global partners have in turn been supported by a track record of world-class procurement, supply and commissioning further underpinned by technical expertise and specialist value-added services. SADC continues to enhance these specialist partnerships and consultancy capabilities for its increasing customer base by increasing the range of specialist services with far greater emphasis on local manufacturing and services capabilities.

SADC has operations in five key areas: Engineering and Construction; Electrical Systems; Industrial and Manufacturing and Services; Supplies and Trading; Information and Communication Technology. These different entities have been formed either as joint ventures or independent affiliates to specialise in relevant businesses sectors and territories to ensure the best customer service.

“SADC has developed strategic partnerships with leading international industrial technology and engineering services partners to meet local and regional demands,” he says. SADC covers the whole of Saudi Arabia with the industrial needs of the Eastern Province the primary market where we will be building new facilities.

This will involve valve automation, assembly and repair workshops, metering systems calibration and integration, essentially, value-added support to meet the increasing demands from end users such as Sadara, Satorp, petrochemicals plants such as Ibn Zahr where we are upgrading tank gauging and associated control systems as well as Saudi Aramco.

“SADC is actively involved in many oil and gas projects including Sadara, Ibn Zahr, Marafiq, Jizan Refinery, Ma’aden, SWCC and others. Many projects slowed down in 2009/10 but we are now seeing steady growth with our forecast for 2013 looking positive,” he adds.

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