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Hot tapping is just one of the Hydratight’s services available

Hot tapping is just one of the Hydratight’s services available

Hydratight offers total value solution

The firm has been working in Oman for over 12 years and has since trained more than 250 people working in the oil and gas industry in the region

HYDRATIGHT is a world leading engineering company that provides a range of specialist products and services to the oil and gas and power generation industries.

As the leading provider of joint integrity assurance services, Hydratight helps companies to achieve leak-free bolted joints, with the main aim of maximising safety and operational efficiency through the supply of its products and services.

The company has been working in Oman for over 12 years, initially as a product supplier for the region’s first LNG plant and to Oman’s largest fertiliser plant. As the region’s operating assets and downstream investments increased, and with the development of the coastal city of Salalah and the port of Sohar, Hydratight worked with Khimji Ramdas to set up a dedicated in-country sales and operations team to offer onsite services and certified training.

In 2008, Hydratight supported Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) to launch the SP2020, a flange management standard that was introduced to improve the reliability of bolted pressure integrity joints. Following on from this, Hydratight has since trained more than 250 people working in the oil and gas industry in the region.  It is a company at the forefront of regional training, and is undertaking projects that see fully-trained and certified field personnel covering, controlled bolting crews, on-site machining crews available across the region.

As Oman continues to invest in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) programmes, the need for more stringent process and procedures is vital, especially as bigger global organisations express interest in the region, such as BP and Shell’s Flawless Start-up Initiative (FSI) requirements.

Hydratight offers the total value solution in the region, providing scalability to meet peak time demand, with products available ready to buy or rent, alongside a market leading service team. The organisation’s core products and services remain in bolting and joint-integrity, on which the company has built its reputation; this expertise has seen it secure major contracts in Oman.

For example, Hydratight worked on a major EOR project which involved a very high hydrogen sulphide (H2S) content process. A high level of joint integrity management was needed from the outset to ensure an entirely leak free start-up and operation. Hydratight undertook engineering review of the various process piping joints, carrying out specific calculations, developing methods and procedures to ensure an adequate level of training for all of those involved in the project. Hydratight supported the delivery of the entire scope of work, specified to a high level of project management, supervision and field resources. All of which ensured that a plant with over 20,000 joints started out with zero leaks.  Safety and quality deliverables were exceeded on this project; this enabled the client and Hydratight to set new joint integrity benchmarks.

Looking to the future, as EOR continues, it will push up the need for higher levels of joint integrity deliverables. BP’s direct interest in the region will also increase local presence and services need and Hydratight is gearing up with the local partner Khimji Ramdas to expand.

In addition, new assets built in recent years will need routine maintenance and as a result, Hydratight is strengthening its core offer in the region. This includes the delivery of joint integrity solutions controlled bolting, on site-machining, and training to support a growing sector in Oman.

In addition there’s a growing suite of new product offers and services for Oman, based on their success in other parts of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). New services will include; hot tapping, in-line safety valve testing and pipe freezing.

As Oman looks to develop its offshore capabilities, Hydratight has the ability to satisfy and cater to its need as well. With products and offerings catering to top side and sub-sea applications for construction, maintenance and EPRS (emergency pipeline repair system), Hydratight becomes a first choice for most of the offshore operators and service providers. Hydratight is not simply a bolting company, but a multi-faceted, world-class business that helps the world’s largest companies stay safer and more secure.

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