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Shell licences gas technology

SHELL Global Solutions International has signed a gasification licensed technology agreement with Saudi Aramco, the fully integrated energy and chemicals company, for the largest residue gasification unit to ever be built.

The Jazan Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Project (IGCC) agreement includes the licensing of Shell gasification and acid gas removal technologies and the provision of engineering services. Shell’s CRI/Criterion catalysts and a sulphur recovery unit (SRU) will also treat the off gases from the acid gas removal unit.

Jazan is to be developed as a new economic city in Saudi Arabia. As part of the development, a new refinery and IGCC is to be built 70 km north of the city of Jazan. The IGCC enables the gasification of low-value residue feedstocks to produce syngas for power generation.

The generated power will provide electricity for the Jazan refinery and supply within the kingdom. Shell will now be the supplier of the technology for the largest gas and residue gasification units in the world.

“This agreement further demonstrates Shell’s commitment to Saudi Arabia. We are proud that Shell’s gasification technology was selected for this project, which supports an alternative approach to power generation in Saudi Arabia, and we very much look forward to working alongside Aramco,” says Ed Daniels, executive vice president, Shell Global Solutions. “We are confident that the Jazan Refinery and Terminal project will progress according to plan,” says Fahad Al-Helal, executive director Project Management, Saudi Aramco.

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