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Saad M Alyan ... offering cost-effective calibration services

Saad M Alyan ... offering cost-effective calibration services

Saad M Alyan offers quality products, services

As one of the leading traders of top-class instrumentation products and calibration equipment in Saudi Arabia, it is relentlessly improving its capabilities to provide high-quality technical and calibration services

SAAD M Alyan for Instrumentation and Calibration, one of the leaders in pressure and temperature instrumentation supplies and services, is relentlessly improving its capabilities to provide high quality technical and calibration services to customers across major industries in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region.

“Our goal is to provide cost-effective instrumentation material and calibration services under one roof that makes us the first choice of customers for all their process instrumentation needs,” says a company spokesperson.

The company performs calibration services for a wide range of pressure and temperature instruments, safety relief valves, indicators and recorders and calibration equipment. It is currently providing services to petrochemical, cement, mining industry, construction sectors, and manufacturing companies that operate in the region of Saudi Arabia.

Saad M Alyan is continuously developing its capability to provide and utilise new cutting-edge technology with highly trained technicians in order to provide reliable inspection and calibration services that fulfills customer’s requirements.

“It is always the aim of Saad M Alyan to reach its goals and maintain the stability of its product and services with the highest quality result,” the spokesperson adds.

The company’s laboratory is located in Dammam, eastern province of Saudi Arabia and registered as a Vendor in Aramco, Sabic and the major oil and gas and industrial companies.

Saad M Alyan plays an important role in the field of instrumentation services by storing high-quality products and making them available on time. The company also supplies products such as pressure, temperature and safety relief valves directly and with a calibration certificate, if required.

It is also the main supplier of “Bourdon” pressure and temperature gauges which is currently known and widely recognised as “Baumer” in Saudi Arabia. It is currently striving to achieve international standard for its products and services to make a place for itself in the fast growing market, he adds.

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