Saudi Arabia's Energy Era - 80 Years

Tideland relies on ‘quality first’

The manufacturer of aids to marine navigation (AtoN) has been involved in the provision of AtoN to Aramco

TIDELAND Signal is the world’s leading manufacturer of aids to marine navigation (AtoN), developing equipment to high performance standards and with the reliability needed to withstand the harsh marine environment. Tideland has served Coast Guard and Lighthouse Authorities and the offshore oil and gas industry since 1954.

Safe Sea Services is a Tideland group company that specialises in the installation and maintenance of all types of AtoN and quayside equipment. Safe Sea Services is the largest maintainer of AtoN in the Arabian Gulf and provide customised solutions to meet clients’ individual needs.

Tideland Signal brings strength in people along with product innovation and with Safe Sea Services maintenance and after sales care to provide complete AtoN solutions. “Our philosophy of ‘quality first’ demands a close working relationship with our local, regional and global partners. Our dedication to this quality culture, whether in the form of product or service, benefits our clients and assures the highest quality of aids to navigation in the world with a low cost of ownership,” says a company spokesperson.

“We have been involved in the provision of AtoN to Saudi Aramco with lights for platform marking and buoys for channel and exclusion zone delineation for more than 30 years and have been providing maintenance support for nearly 10 years. We have supplied the major ports in the kingdom with steel and rotationally moulded buoys that are fabricated in the Arabian Gulf region and our offices in the UAE provide sales support and carry a wide range of spare parts,” he says.

“We have been ably assisted during this time by our agent Saite (Saudi Arabian Industrial and Trading Est),” he adds.

Another Tideland group company, Dabbrook, specialises in the provision of large off-grid solar power systems that have been used to provide power not just for AtoN bit for complete platforms, telemetry and cathodic protection systems.

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