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Marechal’s DXN Decontactor

Marechal’s DXN Decontactor

DXN for hazardous areas

France-based Marechal Electric has unveiled self-ejecting electrical explosion-proof connectors, styled DXN Decontactor

MARECHAL Electric, a major stakeholder in industrial electrical connections adapted to suit all sectors, has developed the explosion-proof DXN Decontactor range of compact and watertight connectors, To provide safe electrical installations for use in hazardous areas.

Rated for operation up to 63A, DXN decontactors combine a new mechanical self-ejecting mechanism with Marechal’s unique patented Decontactor integrated load-break switch, a company spokesman says.

The new DXN decontactors are available in three different versions: standard plugs and connectors, self-ejecting plugs and self-ejecting coupler sockets. Two self-ejecting systems have been designed to protect equipment from accidental or forcible disconnection and protect equipment from being moved whilst connected, he says.

Mounted on top of the self-ejecting explosion-proof connector, a “shark’s fin” latch is used to lift the ‘hook’ from the base and disconnect the plug from the socket. The force required to operate this system is comparable to the force required to manually disconnect a plug from the socket of a standard DXN connection. This operation immediately releases the plug every time tension is detected on the cable, he explains.

The “shark’s fin” hook, mounted on the base of the plug, is connected by a tension cord to the power cable. Pulling on this cord activates the shark’s fin hook to release the plug. Both systems are rated as standard ranges for operation at a maximum from 550 to 750V.

This new ejection system for zones 1/2 (gas), and zones 21/22 (dust), is certified according to the ATEX 94/9/CE directive and IEC Ex standards, and complies with all current safety and security regulations for the protection of equipment and personnel. Connecting the DXN self-ejecting socket-outlet by direct insertion ensures users are provided with the same features as standard DXN ranges, he says.

Whether connected or disconnected, both types of self-ejecting DXN decontactors can be operated by any authorised person, under any circumstances and often without the need for a hot work permit.

This unique solution is currently used on lifeboats operating from off-shore oil rigs. It can also be used for applications such as mobile containers, cranes, electrical boats, truck hook-ups or any portable equipment, he adds.

The company has also developed single-pole power connectors in order to provide solutions to be applied to restrictive environments.

In essence, the Marechal Electric products were designed to facilitate electrical connections and to meet all requirements within environments displaying potential threats (humidity, corrosion, pollution) as well as on building sites and within the chemistry and entertainment sectors.

The CS1000 power connectors ensure multiple functions relative to daily operations. The Marechal Electric CS1000 power connectors are used with temporary applications which require high currents. User safety is guaranteed: when the socket plug is connected thanks to the automatic waterproof qualities IP66/IP67, and when disconnected, owing to the safety shutter (IP2X).

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