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2012 was a record year for Hydratight in Qatar

2012 was a record year for Hydratight in Qatar

The changing face of Hydratight

The engineering firm retains the number one status in joint integrity services for projects and shutdowns in the region

AS A world leading engineering company, Hydratight provides a range of specialist products and services to the oil and gas and power generation industries. The company’s main aim is to maximise safety, improve operational efficiency by supplying products and services that provide leak-free connections.

Over the past 10 years, Hydratight has become a multi-faceted organisation offering products for sale and to rent along with technical expertise in joint integrity, including bolting and machining. The company also offers specialised and certified training to oil and gas companies in more than 30 countries, including Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Yemen.

Hydratight enjoys a strong relationship with companies in the Middle East, in particular in Qatar and retains the number one status in joint integrity services for projects and shutdowns in the region. Currently, it has 250 field personnel working across projects in the region and is carrying out five major shutdowns in parallel whilst also supporting work at another 10 project sites.

Qatar is currently the company’s second largest base in the Middle East, with products available either as ready to buy or on rent, alongside a service team. The year 2012 was a record year for Hydratight in Qatar, and its market share within the state continues to grow, says a company spokesperson.

Hydratight is also at the forefront of regional training. The company’s regional team is undertaking training projects that see fully-trained, on-site machining crews available across the region.

Hydratight’s core remains in bolting and its joint-integrity products and services, on which the company has built its reputation. This expertise has seen it secure major global contracts – both topside and subsea – with some of the industry’s biggest names. From small pipe connections to the company’s unique weldless connectors, Hydratight’s expertise grows year by year.

In recent years the company has also enjoyed worldwide success in exporting its expertise, built over thousands of projects. This body of knowledge has formed the basis of wide-ranging, specialised training courses offering internationally-recognised qualifications from organisations such as the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECTIB).

In light of recent disasters, governments and asset holders are already setting requirements for better maintenance records and procedures. As the call for wider, tougher legislation gains an international hold, blaming major pollution and devastating accidents on simple “bad luck” is unacceptable.

Companies which keep their safety procedures and maintenance up to standard need a way to prove their best practice, by recording everything they do. In the field of joint maintenance and repair, Hydratight has an innovative software solution. Hydratight’s Joint Integrity Management System (JIMS) allows management not only to prove it has kept up full maintenance programmes, but also helps in setting those programmes by building a database of materials, loads and methods.

Hydratight software solutions also include the acclaimed client-side specialised software, Informate, for critical bolting calculations. Combinations of bolt type, flange type, gasket materials and many other factors are taken into account in calculating optimised bolt loads and torque values.

Hydratight’s expertise is put to good use on projects around the world. Recognising a shortage in the market of top-grade engineering companies, some corporations now employ Hydratight on extended contracts; acting like long-term warranties over two, three or five years, guaranteeing technical help and emergency assistance on demand.

In Qatar, Hydratight has worked with the region’s largest oil and gas processers for the last four years providing on-site machining expertise and its world renowned mechanical connectors. That’s the modern Hydratight: not simply a bolting company, but a multi-faceted, world-class business that helps the world’s largest companies to stay safer and more secure. It’s a job Hydratight takes very seriously: good is never good enough.

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