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Al Reziza ... injecting fresh ideas

Al Reziza ... injecting fresh ideas

Artcco leveraging on its proven track record

A family business headquartered in Al Khobar, Artcco has come a long way since it was established in 1974, primarily as an importer and exporter of commodities on big supply contracts in Saudi Arabia. It has since made a name for itself

MOR three and a half decades Al-Reziza Trading & Contracting Co (Artcco) has been diligently serving the specialist equipment needs of major oil and gas companies in Saudi Arabia, established in the process a proven track record for reliability and excellence.

The company – whose main business lines also include food service equipment and real estate services – continues to flourish in a dynamic local market where competition is intensifying, margins are becoming tighter and the leading oil and gas-related companies are adapting their procurement strategies.

Taking a proactive approach to developments, Artcco is responding to change in a number of ways, says Bader S Al Reziza, the executive manager of the company’s Oilfield Equipment Division.

“We realise that it is more important than ever to provide greater value for our customers, to add something to our package,” he comments. “Clients in Saudi Arabia increasingly demand a more.

Localised approach from equipment suppliers like Artcco, and they increasingly require a wider portfolio of local services – from after sales to equipment maintenance and upgrade capabilities,” he adds.

Anticipating the changing nature of the oil and gas industry in Saudi Arabia more than a decade ago, Artcco began to take concrete steps to addressing key customer requirements. The company also sought to minimise its own exposure to supply chain disruptions as had happened when two of its principal long-term overseas equipment suppliers were subject to acquisition several years ago.

“The traditional agent-supplier relationship is no longer the key to success it once was. This is key to staying in the game, and reflects how we are adapting to change” Al Reziza remarks.

Although, recent years represent a period of considerable change, however, Artcco’s core strengths – highly specialised products and an intimate knowledge of customer needs – remain essentially unchanged. The Oilfield Equipment Division is dedicated to serving valued customers such as Saudi Aramco – for whom we have been a major vendor for many years – as well as other oil and gas, chemical, refining, power and environmental and process technology customers,” says Al Reziza.

The division supplies a range of specialised inventory meeting all requisite international quality standards, including: drilling equipment (casing, tubing, pup joints, couplings, drill pipes, cross over, wire line measuring); pipes (seamless, submerged arc welded, electric resistance welded, galvanised); non-ferrous tubular products (copper tubes, brass tubes, aluminium bronze tubes, cupro nickel tubes); stainless steel and nickel alloy tubes (finned tubes; extruded and serrated, seamless/welded stainless steel and nickel alloy tubes, seamless heat exchanger and condenser tubes, U-bent tubes); valves (ball, check, globe, butterfly); pipe fittings (elbows, tees, flanges, spectacle plates, ring joints, nipples); Ropes (wire, polypropylene and manila), aircooled heat exchange, steel chains and blocks, pipeline equipment, refinery operating and drilling chemicals and power cables and power generation equipment and supplies; and equipment for combustion, pollution, safety and energy control (burners, flares, thermal oxidisers, detonation arrestors,vapour control units, pilots and ignitors).

A family business headquartered in downtown Al Khobar, Artcco has come a long way since it was established in 1974, primarily as an importer and exporter of commodities on big supply contracts in Saudi Arabia. It has since made a name for itself in the oil and gas and food equipment fields in particular, and was notably one of the first importers of ice machines into Saudi Arabia in the 1970s.

It is this spirit of adventure and foresight which today reflects the vision of the founding fathers to build a company which would evolve alongside the kingdom’s economy and serve customers in key growth sectors.

The company recently opened an office in Jeddah to support the activities of its customers in the refining and petrochemical hub of Yanbu – and underpinned by experienced, highly competent staff, Artcco is well-placed to leverage future market opportunities, says Al Reziza.

He notes that in reaching its strategic business ambitions the company remains open to the idea of joint ventures with renowned international companies looking for an entry point and foothold in the Saudi market. He also says acquisitions may be another potential route for business growth at Artcco in future.

“Picking the right partner is vital in our business,” he acknowledges. One of a growing breed of dynamic young Saudis with overseas experience now taking over the management reigns at family businesses in the kingdom, the US-educated Al Reziza is a clear example of the importance being placed on succession planning in the country. By injecting fresh ideas and vision into the business world, he claims the acceleration of this trend in the kingdom’s private sector culture is as important to customers as it is the broader economy.

“We notice that they (the customers) want to see young Saudis heading up local companies. We know how the local market works, but thanks to our overseas exposure and experiences we also know how the wider world works, including the exacting needs of international oil and gas players operating in Saudi Arabia and the international supply chain,” Al Reziza concludes.

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