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Khusheim Valtech brings world-class solutions

A certified manufacturer of ball valves in association with Sferova, Italy, it is currently in the process of obtaining API – Q1 certification

Khusheim Valtech, a subsidiary of Khusheim Holding Co, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of ball valves in association with Sferova, Italy. It is currently in the process of obtaining API – Q1 certification for quality programme for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industry.

Inspired by the mission of offering world-class solutions in the area of fluid handling for oil and gas, petrochemical and industrial sectors, a group of young people with qualified experience in design and manufacturing of industrial ball valves is working to develop a world-wide production system, according to a Valtech spokesperson.

Valtech started its manufacturing activities from designing and sourcing of raw material from local and international markets. "We have the latest and dedicated facilities to perform activities like turning, milling, lapping, assembly, low pressure pneumatic testing and high pressure hydro testing, grit blasting and painting," says the spokesperson.

In addition, Valtech has the capabilities of providing the service, maintenance and overhauling for all kind of industrial valves on site as well as at workshop facilities. Valtech valve testing and maintenance workshop provides complete inspection, repair, overhauling, testing, maintenance services for all kinds of valves with the help of a highly qualified and experienced technical team fully packed with latest repairing and testing machines and equipments.

Being an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, Valtech management and technical team is committed to follow the standards of quality, health and safety policy in their operations.

Valtech has its standard suppliers, selected after vendor assessment by its QA / QC manager. Some of its main suppliers are AFI, Eagle Burgmann and Al Iman Gasket Factory.

Valtech follows the principles of the Standard ISO 9001:2008 and implements them through the "Quality Policy" and the "Quality Assurance Manual", as guidelines for its own organisation and aims to increase the satisfaction of its customers.

Valtech has the latest instruments to conduct the following non destructive and positive metal identification tests: Dye penetrate test; magnetic particle test; ultra sonic test; PMI and X-ray.

The general management of Valtech is aware of the importance that continuous improvement has in the company’s development and in the quality of the service offered to its customers. The company strives to improve the quality of services offered to customers:

• Through the implementation of jobs control and on time deliveries recording;

• Through a new ‘customer satisfaction survey’, in order to focus its own attention on each service offered;

• Going on recording customers’ indications and timely managing the consequent corrective actions; and

• By evaluating and proposing a wider product range according to market’s new requirements.

"Valtech management is constantly committed to carry out all production activities with care, safety, by following best practices and procedures which anytime are able to guarantee workers and clients’ health and safety and to assure that any possible negative influence on environment is minimised," adds the spokesperson.

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