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Gedik now manufactures API valves

Gedik now manufactures API valves

Gedik widens Termo valve production

The company has already increased its sand casting capacity from 5,000 tonnes per year (tpy) to 25,000 tpy with the establishment of the new foundry

After commissioning its new sand casting foundry in January 2012, Gedik Casting & Valve quickly has begun to expand its product range in the production of Termo valves. After starting serial production of API 6D (Trunnion Ball Valves, DN50-DN300) used in natural gas sector early this year, the company now started to produce 100 per cent Turkish made butterfly valves.

Gedik Casting has already increased its sand casting capacity from 5,000 tonnes per year (tpy) to 25,000 tpy with the establishment of the new foundry. At the new foundry nodular cast iron, alloy and carbon steels and copper casting (bronze) valves and other components are being produced.

The facility has been equipped with the state-of-the-art machinery and filtration systems. The environment friendly foundry has been built on an area of 50,000 sq m area half of which has been covered. Thanks to its experienced work force, fully equipped laboratories, nearly half a century of accumulated expertise and high quality products, the company is progressing to become a leader in the Turkish casting sector and increase its market share in the international market.

Gedik’s foundry in Hendek, Turkey

Early this year, Gedik Casting & Valve, the owner of Termo, started to produce new valves in accordance with API (American Petroleum Institute) 6D norms which are used in natural gas and oil storage and transmission projects as well as in petrochemical industry.

With the aim of producing new valve types which have not been produced in Turkey yet, Gedik introduced 100 per cent domestic butterfly valve series (wafer type and lug type) in the market in September 2012.

These valves are considered as very important process control equipments since they have been introduced.

And because of their features like 100 per cent leak proof and low pressure loss, they have replaced gate valves and glob valves within a short time. Power plants, petrochemical industry are among various areas where butterfly valves are employed.

Regarding the new products, Gedik Holding CEO Dr Mustafa Koçak says: 'Energy demand of Turkey and Europe keeps increasing. Turkey has the role of an energy gate between Europe and energy sources in the Middle East and Caspian Region. So, many oil and natural gas transmission projects cross over Turkey. Furthermore, in Turkey there are many natural gas and oil storage facilities.

'We observed a high demand for these products at an affordable price not only in Turkey but also in the region. We pay special attention to meet energy sector’s needs. We started serial production of API 6D valves and butterfly valves this year. Our production is geared for international market as well as local market.'

Termo is Turkey’s most established valve brand known with its high quality and wide range of products. As the pioneer of new technologies in the local market for 45 years, the company exports about 40 per cent of its total production all around the world.

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