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Sabic’s Valox IQ resin gets recognition

Sabic’s Valox IQ resin gets recognition

Sabic wins green material award

The awards also did recognise major companies that have contributed to the remarkable success of the plastic industry in China in the past decade

Sabic's Innovative Plastics business has been honoured with Plastics Technology’s (China) Green Material Innovative Application Award in recognition of the company’s pioneering Valox iQ resin, an industry-leading material that incorporates up-cycled post-consumer content from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) water bottles.

The award highlights the success of Sabic’s unique iQ resin technology platform in raising industry standards for green materials, as well as eliminating waste through closed-loop reuse systems. Valox iQ resin, one of many high-end materials in Sabic’s broad portfolio of innovative solutions, demonstrates the company’s constant dedication to powering the competitive advantage of its customers by helping them meet accelerating global demand for high-performance and sustainable products.

"We are very pleased to receive the Green Material Innovative Application Award for a product that is helping our customers meet their sustainability needs," says Peter Chan, president, Greater China, Innovative Plastics.

"Valox iQ resin is a perfect example of how Sabic works closely with its customers to create technology-based solutions to help them achieve their sustainability goals by reducing the environmental impact of end-use products around the world. As in the case of Valox iQ resin, collaborating closely with our customers to develop advanced materials solutions is at the heart of everything we do."

The Green Material Innovative Application Award, along with a number of other honours, was presented to Sabic in Shanghai at Plastics Technology’s (China) tenth anniversary ceremony. The awards recognised companies that have contributed to the remarkable success of the plastic industry in China in the past decade. Plastics Technology (China) is an influential plastics publication that is jointly published by Gardner Publications, in the US.

Sabic’s Valox iQ is made with polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) polymers and may contain up to 60 per cent post-consumer content and consumes as many as 67 PET half a litre (16 ounces) water bottles per kilogramme of Valox iQ resin produced, which can help reduce the resin’s carbon footprint by as much as 49 per cent versus virgin PBT resins. Yet, unlike other recycled materials, which lose performance through successive melt histories, Valox iQ resins are up-cycled to perform as well as or better than conventionally manufactured materials.

The Sabic material consumes less energy and yields less carbon dioxide (CO2) than traditional resins through its entire manufacturing process – from cradle (discarded water bottle) to gate (Valox iQ resin pellet). This technology can extend the useful life of the PET resin from the bottles by up to an additional 20 years or more depending on the final end-use application. Further, Valox iQ resin provides moulded-in colour capability to replace painting, which can pose an environmental hazard from volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

Leveraging Valox iQ resin, Sabic has worked closely with a number of customers to develop differentiated, and environmentally responsible products ranging from consumer goods to transportation and automotive components. Examples include:



Leviton Manufacturing, a North American leader in electrical devices and systems, selected Valox iQ resin for the housing of its Evr-Green[TM] electric vehicle (EV) cord set, a portable charger for EVs. Valox iQ resin, which offers moulded-in colour to avoid secondary painting, significantly enhances the environmental benefits of the Leviton charger. Equally important, it delivers high electrical and mechanical performance. Other key properties of Valox iQ resin are high impact and toughness to withstand accidental contact with a vehicle and excellent resistance to household chemicals and ultraviolet light.



Kitchenware industry leader Robinson Home Products, a Sabic customer for more than 30 years, tapped Valox iQ resin for its Green Street line of plastic kitchen utensils. The solution delivers exceptional performance and quality that consumers demand in kitchenware, including heat and chemical resistance.

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