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ABB provides solution for specific requirements

ABB provides solution for specific requirements

Creating real tangible value through integrated solutions

ABB will showcase technology and solutions to increase productivity and profitability of a plant and to add value to the oil, gas and petrochemical business by focusing on real issues the industry is grappling with today

OIL and gas account for more than half of all primary energy consumed globally. Presently at 142 million barrels per day (mbpd) combined oil and gas production is almost double of what it was in 1973, and is likely to rise further reaching 180 mbpd by 2030. The sheer volume of oil and gas consumed means that these fuels will continue to feed a large share of world’s hunger for energy for the foreseeable future.

One of the factors that make oil and gas so valuable is its extreme versatility, both as a source of energy and as a raw material. The ease with which it can be transported and stored permits it to be used as a source of energy virtually everywhere. More than just a commodity among many, oil and gas is arguably the leading global commodity of our age.

Maintaining the dependability and reliability of supply is thus a fundamental objective. This translates into a technological challenge that of enabling the exploration, extraction, processing and transportation of oil and gas in manners that are safe, clean, energy efficient and affordable; and this despite the ever-increasing geographical and geological challenges of the locations from which they are being extracted.

Participating in Adipec 2012, ABB will showcase technology and solutions to increase productivity and profitability of the plant and to add value to the oil, gas and petrochemical business by focusing on real issues the industry is grappling with today.

“Each of our displays for the show will demonstrate how ABB solutions can help achieve the following:

Extend asset life and reduce operational expenditure: Assets that are not performing at their peak not only deplete more resources but also call for more expenditure for replacement and maintenance. Integrating assets and moving from reactive to proactive maintenance provides you with an advantage to schedule your resources and investments in the most optimal manner. Studies indicate that a proper predictive maintenance program saves between 8 per cent and 12 per cent more than a purely preventive maintenance programme.

ABB’s technologies will not only empower the oil and gas companies with predictive maintenance but will also ensures that you do all of this remotely to avoid cost of travel, time and human resource.

Reduce emissions and energy consumption: It is imperative that process upsets and shutdowns are avoided as they will have a negative effect on the financial, environmental and social performance of a company.

Reliable and quality power supply affects both throughput and safety; therefore avoiding black-outs and power disturbances are of substantial value to any process plant.

Equipment must be monitored continuously to ensure optimal performance and stability over time.

ABB solutions will help prevent black outs and disturbances in operations with millisecond analysis. Getting the power to offshore platform from main grid on shore not only saves energy and maintenance cost but also helps in reducing emissions. ABB’s innovative analytical and measurement solutions can monitor and cut emissions drastically.

Make optimum use of assets and take quick decisions: It is observed that half of the unscheduled downtime is due to the human error, ABB solutions will enable operators to comprehend process traffic pattern, improve user interface and office ergonomics thereby facilitating operators to take better decisions quickly.

With ABB’s System 800xA, users enjoy a fully integrated enterprise where PLCs, DCS systems, safety systems, electrical systems, live video, maintenance systems, ERPs and more all work together in an seamless environment.

The result is improved plant visibility and fast access to relevant information in real time, allowing operational issues to be resolved before downtime occurs.

Stabilise the power input and improve power quality: The effects of harmonic distortion not only are of the concern of oil and gas plant but also to the utilities that distribute electricity to them – forcing utilities to impose penalties for companies that pollute the main electrical grid.

ABB’s low harmonic drive and harmonic filters are few of the wide product range that not can help you maintain your electrical equipment up and running but will also help in coping up with grid standards imposed by utilities.

Analysis and correction of these power fluctuations can be done within milliseconds with ABB’s contactors and breakers providing you a more uptime and increased power quality.

Safety first: The safety of a plant, its employees and its surroundings depends on the ability of the plant to shut down or shift to a safe state should an abnormality occur.

A false trigger can lead to a costly shutdown and unnecessary loss of production, whereas a failure to trigger can possibly have more far-reaching consequences.

The safe operation of a plant requires a structured approach that must be applied to every aspect of every level of operations while seeking to minimise the total risk posed.

Our solutions can be designed to your specific requirements; alarm management systems, sensors and our expertise from various projects across the globe can help you to maintain a higher health and safety level and will keep your projects and equipment running smoothly.

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