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Ramboll ... knowledge experts

Ramboll ... knowledge experts

Ramboll adds value to its projects through research

At Qatar’s largest independent engineering consultancy, specialist knowledge stems from a wide range of advanced in-house studies and analyses. One of the latest is being presented at Adipec this month

TO STAY put as a key engineering consultancy in today’s highly competitive oil and gas market, a high level of innovation, expertise and specialist knowledge is vital. The tough and ever-changing market requires a constant level of high expertise and updated specialist knowledge in all relevant fields.

At Ramboll, the specialist knowledge stems from a wide range of advanced in-house studies and analyses. When such research is made, new insights are shared globally across the organisation and often to relevant external audiences as well.

“Being a large, independent engineering consultancy, we believe it is our duty to offer the latest knowledge and innovative solutions not only to our clients but to the industry as a whole. By sharing knowledge and discussing potential solutions to future challenges with industry partners we contribute to a constant development of the industry,” explains Gert Jensen, managing director at Ramboll Oil & Gas Middle East, Qatar’s largest independent engineering consultancy.

This year Ramboll has been invited to the international conference Adipec to present a vast study on electrical power system challenges. The study, which has been produced in close cooperation with Hess and ATB Laurence Scott, evaluates how to overcome motor starting constraints in large generators.

The findings will be presented at the PCIC (Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee) conference on November 12, 2012 alongside the Adipec 2012.

Making in-house studies and being able to share the knowledge globally within the entire organisation has shown itself to be a clear advantage in the highly competitive oil and gas market.

“Being an independent engineering consultancy, the expertise of our employees is our most valuable asset as our success is closely linked to our ability to offer our clients state-of-the-art solutions. We employ almost 10,000 engineering specialists in 19 countries which represent a great resource base. The unique knowledge we gain from in-house studies adds great value to our project executions as well as the final solutions by increasing the general innovation level in the organisation,” says Jensen and adds that the global engineering approach allows Ramboll to respond rapidly to the specific needs of a client or a project at any location.

Ramboll Oil & Gas delivers engineering consultancy services to the oil and gas industry. The services cover the entire oil and gas offshore and onshore industry, including production, treatment, storage and transmission. The firm is part of the Ramboll Group, a Scandinavia-based engineering, design and consultancy company with local presence in Northern Europe, Russia, India and the Middle East. The company established a presence in Qatar back in 1995 and in Abu Dhabi in 2008.

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