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Compatherm ... a unique heating system

Compatherm ... a unique heating system

Vulcanic keeps the heat on

The heating and temperature control solutions firm will present its innovative products for the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors at Adipec

AS an expert in heating and temperature control solutions for industry, Vulcanic will be presenting its innovative product ranges for the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors at Adipec 2012. “Our experience, acquired in a wide range of industries and severe environments, both on-shore and offshore, enables Vulcanic to propose ideal solutions tailored to the demands and specifications of its customers, in accordance with international standards.

Vulcanic’s presence at Adipec will provide an ideal opportunity to discover our custom solutions and innovations, such as Compatherm, a unique heating system,” says the company. The company is exhibiting at stand 9040F.

Vulcanic’s project engineering division is a world leader in the design and manufacture of electric heating systems and temperature control solutions. “Our considerable expertise is an undisputed advantage in the development of products suitable for a wide range of applications. Typical applications include the heating of heavy fuel oil, crude oil, suction heating for oil storage tanks, and the heating of natural gas,” it says. Other applications include the heating of hydrocarbons, hydrogen and nitrogen or the heating of TEG/MEG, in dehydration packages, it adds.

Compatherm heating units provide an advanced, efficient solution for heating applications at high pressures and temperatures. With its unique heating elements developed by Vulcanic; Compatherm offers significant advantages over other methods of direct electric heating. Originally designed for heating liquids and gas under fixed or variable flow conditions, this technology is also appropriate for processes at temperatures of up to 750-deg C and pressures of up to 250 bar; it is also particularly efficient for applications with low flow rates.

The heating elements are removable and may be designed for flux densities of up to 80 W/cm2. Compatherm’s highly compact design makes it ideal for applications where space and weight are limited. For higher power requirements, multiple heaters may be installed to achieve powers of up to 2 500 kW.

Vulcanic’s strength lies in its integrated manufacturing processes using ultramodern equipment to produce the electrical assemblies and other components used in all its product ranges, says the company.

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