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AOS sets new benchmark

Asry Offshore Services, a dedicated offshore division of Bahrain’s Asry, is now regionally considered the repair yard of choice for rig operators

NOW in its fourth year of operation, Bahrain’s Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard’s (Asry) dedicated offshore division Asry Offshore Services (AOS) has set the benchmark for the repair and maintenance of offshore jack-up rigs in the Arabian Gulf.

AOS is now regionally considered the repair yard of choice for rig operators due to its technical capabilities in engineering, steel fabrication, pipe repairs, machining, electrical and instrumentation, blasting and painting.

During 2011, AOS repaired a total of 11 jack-ups from the following operators: Rowan Drilling, Saudi Aramco, Ensco, ONGC, Transocean, Saipem and Arab Drilling Co. The jack-up business accounted for 40 per cent of Asry’s overall sales. This significant contribution to revenue is vindication of the diversification strategy undertaken by Asry and has triggered further optimism for the Bahrain shipyard’s future as a multi-service yard.

Notable jack-up repairs completed in 2012 (January to July) include:

Hercules 261 and Hercules 262: Both built in 1979 and 1981 respectively in Canada now owned by Hercules Offshore. Both rigs are of the Marathon LeTourneau 82-SD-C type;

Arab Drill 20 and Arab Drill 40 (ex Bima): Owned by the Arab Drilling Co, Saudi Arabia;

PN3: Owned by Saipem; and

Sneferu: Owned by Egyptian Drilling Company

AOS’s prominence has resulted in greater investment in its operations, including an extension to its offices within the shipyard. This extension, which started in 2011 and has just been completed, sees new office space for AOS staff as well as rig operators staff.

Another signal of AOS’s significance is the recent signing of a joint venture with Bahrain’s Gulf Agency Co (GAC) for the operation of a new offshore base within the yard. This base started operations towards the end of 2011 and is being used to support three offshore support vessels (OSVs) that are supporting Occidental and PPTEP drilling operations offshore Bahrain.

In the region, oil and gas related business is set to account for a rapidly increasing percentage in the coming years. Upgrades and refurbishments of jack-up rigs and specialist offshore craft have been identified as a key growth area, and the strategy is to position AOS as a multi-function offshore partner, unhindered by the limitations of working purely onshore. Fabrication and repair services will be optimised to take place wherever a client requires, which often includes ‘in-field repairs.’

The end of 2012 will see Asry complete a major $188 million facility expansion programme, which includes a 1.4 km repair quay and a new 200,000 sq m offshore fabrication area with heavy load out quay. This will enable AOS to penetrate the offshore fabrication and new construction markets, with the new facility perfect for the fabrication of flare towers, jackets and topside modules. The area will also be equipped with workshops, secure warehousing and offices.

To meet the growing jack-up rig business at the yard, as well as AOS’s expansion into other areas of the oil and gas market, AOS has recently developed its in-house team of engineers and specialist sub-contractors, bringing in expertise and building upon the existing core team. AOS is particularly focused on further developing its engineering capabilities to ensure the business is able to deliver a total service required by AOS clients, especially with the requirements for demanding engineering packages for customers.

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