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Al Najim ... quality conscious

Al Najim ... quality conscious

Al Najim provides a wide range of services to diverse industries

The group sees great opportunity for delivering a range of specialist services and has concentrated on building competencies in selected sectors

AL NAJIM Saudi International Company, also known locally as Nasico, is well poised to expand its activities in all its major areas of operations in the coming years.

The company started operations in 1979 in a modest way and today has over 500 people in its various divisions. Its founder, the late Abdul Rahman Eid Al Najim, had a vision in alignment with the country’s industrial development and that has been the guiding light for the group’s growing activities.

Over the years, the group has deployed resources towards providing a wide range of services to a diverse range of end user industries. With the rapidly growing industrial base in the kingdom, the group management sees great opportunity for providing a range of specialist services and has concentrated on building competencies in selected sectors. All core sector industries including Saudi Aramco, Sabic (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) affiliates, SEC (Saudi Electricity Company) and SWCC (Saline Water Conversion Corporation) are well covered and the existing business operations of these vast entities provide a large potential for Al Najim group’s supplies and services.

The company’s valve services division carried out earlier this year a very successful maintenance services contract at the Ras Tanura refinery site. A large crew worked round-the-clock to overhaul, repair and test hundreds of valves of varying sizes and pressure ratings. Besides the crew, mobile workshops, test equipment and a complete spare parts service programme was deployed at the site to achieve a very high quality end result in a timely manner working within Saudi Aramco’s tight schedule requirements. A similar contract was executed last year at the Saudi Aramco PetroRabigh plant which involved a large number of safety relief valves as well as control valves. This was followed by another successful contract executed at the Bapco refinery in Bahrain.

The Valve Services Division has invested in new facilities in recent years in Jubail as well as in new equipment and test rigs. The division is able to undertake both site and workshop repairs and major refurbishment of critical valves can be carried out with all in-house equipment and processes including welding, machining and heat treatment equipment installed. The workshops are ISO certified and were also granted the prestigious VR stamp by the National Board, US for repairs and calibration of safety relief valves.  

The Technical Sales Division, besides providing a wide range of engineered equipment has been providing specialised services in the field of machinery condition monitoring and machinery protection systems in association with their principals SKF Reliability Systems, one of the world’s leading systems and service providers in this field.

Nasico was granted certified maintenance partner status by SKF after going through a rigorous training and evaluation process.

This division has a long tradition of supplying a wide range of critical valves and controls and has worked in close association with leading valve suppliers from different parts of the world. With back-up support from the valve services group, the company is in a unique position to provide a complete valve solution to clients including installation and trouble-shooting support in house.

The Steel Fabrication and Projects Division has been expanding operations and numerous projects all across the kingdom have been executed. Currently there are plans to invest and expand the ISO certified manufacturing facilities in order to target the large number of projects coming up for execution in the next ten year period.

The Machine Shop Division, which provides a high level mechanical engineering support service to the local industry, continues to grow in new areas including mining and cement. It has developed the expertise to re-engineer and supply spare parts allowing end users viable economical alternatives to the OEM’s who tend to charge prohibitive prices throughout the life cycle of equipment they supply in the kingdom. The machine shop is also ISO certified and long term machining contracts are in place with Saudi Aramco, Sabic affiliates and SWCC for supply of over 2,000 line items.  

The Lift Division has set targets to grow its market share and has had good success in specialised hazardous area elevator supply and installation as well as in old elevator refurbishment jobs. Recently it has been awarded a contract to supply a large number of lifts to Saudi Aramco schools at different locations.  

Besides having a large multinational skilled work force, the Al Najim partners have a strong commitment to employing Saudis and training them to take on greater responsibilities.

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